New to PM

Hello All,

Iam 39 years old and Iam going to have my first PM on Wednesday.I have had a 2:1 av block since childhood but never any symptoms but now Iam dizzy all the time and have spells of nausea so my doctor has insisted that I need pacing.
Iam worried how it will effect me afterwards as I have a 3 year old and I still want another child.My cardiologist has just said everything will be better after.Iam also worried about recovery time and the possiblity of getting depression. Any words of advice?


emotional impact?

by winesap - 2008-04-22 01:04:04

As others have indicated - allow for recovery time, recognizing a few limits and you will be fine physically. Probably feel better than you do now - certainly true for me. However I was not expecting the emotional impact I experienced. Not anything I could not cope with, but something to be aware of as a possibility that you too could experience. Be sure you have both a physical and emotional support processes in place and use both. You will find many in this group willing and capable of providing emotional support but we cannot take the place of local in-person resources. If you have had emotional problems in the past, I recommend you proactively set up at least a couple counseling sessions. Hopefully the positive physical outcomes from the pacemaker will significantly minimize any emotional side-effects for you.

Two children after PM

by Pacing13 - 2008-04-22 01:04:34

Hello mich68 -

I am 35yrs old and have been pacing for 22 years. I have two beautiful daughter and had no complications during either pregnancy. I was within 2 - 4 years post pm, in other words I had that pacemaker implanted for 2-4 years and then had my girls. Like Wingart said, cuddling was climbing on the sofa and holding them with opposite pm arm, but it worked. I found other special things to do with them while I was sitting down. Actually allowed me to spend more one on one time with each of them as I had the time to sit :)

Good luck -
Pacing 13

also 39 with first PM

by cqmccann - 2008-04-22 06:04:58

I'm 39 and just got my PM 2 weeks ago due to fainting and low heart rate. It is still sore but I feel much better. I have an 8yr old and an 11 yr old. The PM may slow you down with your child for a couple of months because of the lifting restrictions but after that I'll bet you have lots more energy and feel stronger. Best of luck! I was worried about depression as well and still think about it but this site is very helpful and I feel like I have a huge extended family who understands.

Life post pm

by Wingart - 2008-04-22 07:04:08

Yes things are better post pm.

I too have had heart block (3rd degree) which I am told I have probably always had. (Now 50) Until last year I had no symptoms, last year I started getting really tired and having dizzy spells when I tried to exercise. I have also been diagnosed with Bradycardia, my HR was as low as 38 and did not increase with exercise. I had my pm fitted in November and I am now back to all activities that I did before, and more.

I felt better immediately after the op, despite being a little tender, in myself I had immediate results. I have had no dizzy spells and have unbounded energy (hubby says he wants one just to keep up with me. LOL)

Your biggest problem will be the recovery period, which can be different for each of us. The initial period of 6 weeks of not lifting your arm is going to be tough when you have a little one around but children are very adaptable and will often help you if you explain. When you want a cuddle get them to climb onto the Sofa and cuddle the opposite side. You will not be able to lift them for a while.

I am past the child bearing age, unless I have medical intervention (No fear), but there are others on this site who bear children with no problems so that should not be a concern.

Depression? I am happy to say that it is not an affliction I suffer from. I have had to adjust to this new state but I have a glass that it half full, not one that is half empty!!! I always think of the positives… I can now play tennis, swim, garden, play with my nieces and nephews ( I spent all last Saturday playing Tennis & Bowling with my 7 year old Nephew on his Wi) all things I couldn’t do last year.

You will have to give yourself time to heal but the positives far outweigh the negatives.

You will be fine. Keep visiting and ask all those questions, however daft they seem. We are all here to help


Post PM

by kela - 2008-04-22 09:04:23

I am 36 and had my first PM a year ago. I was born with a heart block and finally had symptons. Getting the PM was the best thing ever, growing up i was always told i would have to get one eventually but kind of wish they would have done it sooner. I have so much more energy it is amazing.Its like a new toy to me. My recovery took less than 2 weeks. Hope all goes well, keep in touch.

post pm

by jay - 2008-04-22 12:04:22

hello i had my pm last year and have two girls six and twelve it took about two weeks to recover after the op but they had me up and running about in no time so you will be absolutly fine after so don,t worry good luck jay

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