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I got my pacemaker in September 06 and it was difficult to get used to for while but it has helped my a good deal and I am very greatful to have it most of the time. A while after getting mine I got a blod clot on my pacemaker and peices were breaking off and being circulated through my PFO and I have been told numerous times how lucky I am for not having a stroke of PE. They closed my PFO to stop this from happening and a while ago they let me go off the blood thinners and three weeks later my toes turned blue agian and I apparently had another blood clot and they are still tyring to figure out where it came from. I think that a pacemaker a lot of time isnt what is scarring people it that they may be so messed up health wise in needing one that the fear of death or worse problems seems much more capable of happening all of a sudden.

I am very thankful that they were able to control my chronic rhythm problems as they at the time were making it immpossible for me to live my life. Now it just seems that since the pacemaker so many more problems are coming to the surface. ie: possibly lupus...ect


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Your pacemaker interferes with your electronic scale.

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Yesterday I moved to a new place in my mind and realized how bad I felt 'before' and the difference my pacemaker has made.