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Just been to visit the doctor. I am at present living in France and that is where my PM was inserted by the cardiologist here. There was no explanation as to what I was to expect or feel. I have written before here saying how stressed I am now that my heart is beating faster.

Anyway, saw the doc and explained my concerns albeit that I broke down and started crying. He said that he was going to check with the cardiologist as to what sort of pacemaker I have and then will phone me back. Thought that was quite nice. He also explained that because I was anxious I was causing the extra heart beats so vicious circle begins.

Hey am I insane or what.


Not Insane, just human

by peter - 2008-01-24 01:01:46

Cheer up, you live in France where you have a lot of backup for heart patients. You are twice as lucky as those of us like me that live in England. I am surprised that you dont know your pacemaker type. Havent you got a card for the Airports ETC. Should show the model number. You can type in a search in google and usually find out what type it is. I not sure it is right that feeling stressed is causing your heart to beat faster. Its possible but most unlikely. I take it you are not 100% pacemaker dependant. You need to ask the heart specialists or pacing technicians a lot more questions about the setting on your pacemaker etc.Knowledge is power. Cheers Peter

Being scared is not insane

by ElectricFrank - 2008-01-25 01:01:43

Sure being anxious will raise your HR as anyone who has ever had a close call will attest. It can also cause PVC's or skipped beats. That doesn't mean you are mentally ill or such. Just the situation of not knowing what your heart is doing can be very scary.
One helpful suggestion when you are feeling anxious is to take a few minutes to relax, preferably reclining and breath slowly and gently. This has the opposite effect on your nervous system and can be very helpful.

good luck,


by randrews - 2008-01-25 12:01:59

While doctors call ita procedure, getting a pm is a major thing. It takes time to adjust physically and for me, even more time emotionally. It's tough to not be hypersensitive and react to every twitch, beat and pain. I think it helps to talk, pray, and work at believing things will get better over time.
I agree with Peter, you aren't insane, you're just reacting to things in a perfectly normal way.
Keep talking,

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