Tested my pacemakers ruggedness

Yesterday I gave my pacemaker a real test! I was out in the desert near home doing some photography and slipped on a rounded rock covered with sandy soil. The result was that my feet went out from under me and I landed on my left side. That would have been enough, but the camera was on a strap around my neck and it was between me and the ground, or actually between my pacemaker site and the ground. I waited a couple of minutes taking my pulse to see if I had damaged the pacer or leads but all was still ticking away. I was a little sore around the pacer site last nite, but feel fine today. I checked it on my ecg and all looks normal, so I can chalk one up for Medtronic. They make rugged pacers.




by ela-girl - 2008-01-21 01:01:20


I'm glad to hear you and your pm made it out of the desert alive! LOL I hope you got a great picture out of the ordeal???!! My husband and I also live in the desert and love to hike and take pictures--I did photography for 5 years as a job while in college.

Glad your still with us!


by dward - 2008-01-21 02:01:13

You took a licking, and kept on... ticking!
(Sorry, coudln't refuse.)

You should contact Medtronic... you could be a commercial for them!

Glad you ended up okay.


Mr. Frank

by Christmmpace - 2008-01-21 03:01:17

What a story my friend!
I'm glad to hear you're okay and your heart is still ticking. I wanted to know if you took a picture of the rock that tried taking you out, I'm just kidding. It's nice to know your out enjoying this beautiful earth. Take care my friend and God bless you.


Spills and thrills

by Blueaustralia - 2008-01-21 03:01:23

Bet that episode got the old system racing. So glad you are ok. Maybe we are built rugged like our pacemakers. Take care and avoid the "rolling stones" Cheers Billie


by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2008-01-21 05:01:04

Hi Frank,
So glad your Medtronic passed the falling over test.!!
I think I will just stick with my usual check with the technician though and avoid rounded rocks covered with sandy soil.(Sorry I did have a bit of a laugh - as it could have been serious!)
Did you cop a bruise?
Take care next time you go of in the desert!!


Hi Frank,

by Gellia2 - 2008-01-21 09:01:23

Glad you are OK! Pacers are rugged little things. When I first got mine, no one told me to be careful about the wires or anything so I decided to buy a horse! Mind you now, I had never ridden. Well, I fell off more than I rode and my pacer kept on ticking every single time I met the ground...and it was OFTEN! LOL Not once did I have a problem with pacemaker failing or the wires breaking. Finally gave it up, though. When you fall more than you ride you have to rethink the hobby! LOL
Tough little gadgets, our pacemakers. :)

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