Upset over scar

I'm really bothered by my pm scar. Hubby says its not that bad, daughter says I'm obsessing. I just want it to stop hurting and I'd like to do something to minimize the appearance. I wish i didn't feel so bad about it, but I do. I wish I could ignore it but the constant irritation keeps me focused on it. Please don't tell me that the scar is just a cosmetic issue - although I wouldn't do it, there are people who risk their lives having cosmetic surgeries all the time.


need to see it

by slowhands - 2007-12-02 01:12:22

Can you email me a picture of what you are talking about? I've seen several incisions and an tell you right away if yours looks different.


by jessie - 2007-12-02 01:12:34

you are too funny about shopping i mean. i feel the same way problem solving is fun if a little expensive lol lol

PM Scar

by janetinak - 2007-12-02 02:12:32

If the wound is completely healed, try vitamin E oil rubbed in gently every day. Can get this at any drug store or discount store. It really made a great improvement in my PM scar as well a both total knee replacement scars (35 staples each knee).

Other products available too. Check with a skin doc before going under the knife for this.

Good luck.


Vitamin E Oil

by vbilbrey - 2007-12-02 10:12:57

I agree with Janet. I used vitamin E oil on mine and it's barely noticeable.


by CathrynB - 2007-12-02 11:12:55

Hi VonnieVern, You don't say how long ago you got your PM, but if your kickboxing messages means it was only 6 weeks ago, then you can rest assured the scar will continue to fade, and it will show less and less over time. Some people's scars fade more quickly than others, but it can take a year for it to develop it's final appearance. It's important that you not let the scar be exposed to sunshine as that will darken it permanently, at least for the first year. Always use sunscreen on it. Also, the scar shouldn't really hurt at this point. Ask your doctor if you're developing a keloid (Google it if you don't know what that is), and if you are, go to a dermatologist and ask to have the scar treated with a kenalog injection if your cardio/EPsays it's okay. The kenalog (an anti-inflammatory med which is injected intra-lesionally, not into the PM pocket) will make the scar flatten and less red and inflamed looking. I had this done twice on my scar, and it made all the difference in treating the keloid. The first injection made 90% of the scar pain disappear within 10 minutes. A month later I had a second injection because the scar tissue was still somewhat itchy, painful and raised.
Take care, CathrynB


by pacergirl - 2007-12-02 12:12:48

Hello Vonnie,

I totally understand what you are saying. It is not just cosmetic, because now it is part of who we are!

I recently had a very bad emotional breakdown when I realized that I could not wear my holiday party dresses! All strapless. My scar was so noticeable that I whet out and did just what a lady does when presented with such a problem. I bought new dresses!

I will take some time to build up my party dress supply again, but hey, i am still alive... I have time to shop and I am happy once again.

Best of luck to you, if you need a shopping buddy I can make myself available if you are ever in Wichita!

Pacer shopping is fun shopping... we can go and go and go!


cica care

by kmhayward - 2008-01-02 03:01:03

try a cica-care silicone scar reducing plaster. Works on scars of any age even 20 years!
Can be bought from your local pharmacy

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