I have had my pacemaker for 6 and half years.
I have been told by the doctor the battery is running out.
I keep getting a fluttering feeling in my chest.
Why is this?



by Bub - 2007-10-18 11:10:33

If you are thinking the fluttering feeling you feel is connected to low battery power, I would say probably not, but then I'm only guessing.

Anyway, below is some information on how a pacemaker battery runs down that was posted by Smitty some time ago. This was for a member that was concerned about their battery playing out unexpectedly and I thought it may provide you with a little info.


What happens when the battery runs out?

Pacemaker batteries are designed to become depleted in a slow and predictable fashion. When followed over the telephone, the steady decline in energy can be followed. When the battery is low but still has significant power left, the pacemaker will still work just fine, but give indications (peculiar to each manufacturer and model) that the time for replacement is nearing.

When the ERI (elective replacement interval) is reached, plans can be made for changing the battery at a date convenient for the patient and the surgeon.
Even beyond the ERI, pacemakers continue to pace for a long time, and do not simply stop emitting electrical energy suddenly or unexpectedly.

When it's time for a new pulse generator, it is generally simply exchanged for a new one. This will require surgery to remove the old device. The leads will be unscrewed and removed from the old generator, and then tested to make sure they are still working well. If not, new leads are placed. Most of the time however, they are still found to be working well and are simply attached to the new generator and placed back in the pocket, which is closed as it was before.

The new generator is almost always much smaller than the one it replaced due to advances in the design and manufacture of pacemakers.


by dsparks891 - 2007-10-19 09:10:07

I have around 3 to 6months left on my PM batteries. I get flutters every night after I go to bed. Sometimes I can feel them during the day. I have asked my doctor about them and I am told don't worry about it.So I don't.I know it can become bothersome but I have gotten use to it.Some of it I think is because we are more aware of the heart. Anyway I would not worry about it unless the doctor tells you otherwise..Take Care and God Bless..

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