i need to have my pacemaker replaced and i am scared to death.
can you tell me about your experiment
thnak you ingrid


Just take a deep breath...

by paf - 2007-09-28 06:09:12

I haven't had to have my pm replaced yet, but you sound so afraid that I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I'm sure some of the folks here will let you know their experience. I have read lots of postings on this site and everyone is very supportive and kind. Please take care. Patsy in Texas

New Pacer

by bjmcpherren - 2007-09-28 11:09:07

If you are just having the pacer unit replaced it should be no big deal - it's when they start messing with the leads when you get into trouble. I am on my 4th pacer. The surgeries where they just replaced the unit were a breeze, went home the same day, back to light exercise 3-4 days later. Lead replacement is another story. You should be fine!

PM replacement

by janetinak - 2007-09-29 03:09:39

I had my 2nd PM put in 3 yrs after 1st & sigle lead taken out & new one put in (different spot in ventricle wall). All went well & stayed overnight. Hope yours goes as well as mine did.



by NICEGIRL7 - 2007-10-01 10:10:56

My prayers are with you on your replacement. Stay positive even though you are scared. Your healing will take as long as it takes - give yourself time.

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