Any advice for a one month checkup

It has been a month since my Medtronics Adapta dual lead pacemaker was implanted. I go back next week for my first month checkup.

I have noticed a significant decrease in the benefit I was receiving for the first couple of weeks after implantation.

Now I'm feeling tired and more short of breath again. I think I read somewhere that pacemakers might need adjustment after the scar tissue that holds the leads in place is formed. Maybe that's what is going on.

It may be a lot of factors including an extremely stressful job and work environment. I wish I was better able to cope with work but I'm not. It frustrates me that I'm not coping like I want to even now that I'm a month out from the pacemaker procedure....I've got to deal with it. Retirement is too far off and a change in job is not likely.

During my one week checkup, the doctor did his thing, said I was fine and that was it. And I was doing okay but had no clue what he was looking at or what questions I should ask.

Could some of you help me out with some advice on some of the questions / issues that I need to discuss with the Doctor during the one month check?

They have it set for a resting heart rate of 70 although lately, it seems the lowest I've seen it is 75 and it hangs out in the 80's and 90's a lot of the time. That may not seem really fast but before the device was implanted, my heart rate was 35 and below so it can seem a little fast for me.

The main problem is that I'm just not feeling as well as I did right after the implant. I feel like I'm experiencing some of the previous symptoms of feeling tired, fatigued and short of breath. The tiredness and fatigue is fairly significant. The shortness of breath just seems a little worse and seems to come and go.




I'll be watching too

by Carol - 2007-10-23 11:10:27

Hi Dan, I too am going for my one month check-up next week on Tuesday so I'm glad you asked these questions and will be watching for answers fom our fellow members. I notice that I seem to get winded easier now than I did before my implant (my AV block came on rather suddenly) but I also have been dealing with some anxiety and unfortunately feel lots of things I might not ordinarily notice. Also, I think my HR is somewhat faster than it was before all of this, but I take a Beta Blocker which helps. Here's hoping you feel better soon and that all it will take are a few "tweaks" of your PM. Good luck at your Dr.'s Appt. Carol

Re: advice re 1st checkup

by Janice - 2007-10-24 02:10:11

Hi Dan,

I too had my first check up last Friday. I had a bit of trouble, because I had an anxiety attack just when the Tech put the magnet on my PM, so she couldn't check it for me because my Heart rate was too high. I also have fatigue and shortness of breath sometimes. I also have a pressure feeling or just anxiety -I'm not quite sure. Everyone keeps saying that it takes time and it takes a few adjustments to get feeling well. I am quite lightheaded most of the time and a little dizzy. I know what you are feeling, because I too am so disappointed in the way I'm feeling, I thought it would be better by now. But here's hoping we get "tuned up" and feeling better soon!! Ask anything and everything you can. I find that our "regular doctors" don't really know much about the PM, but when you go and have the check-up, the Technician should be able to answer anything for you. Mine told me last week she had heard it all, from people complaining that their pacemaker is "talking to them" and some really weird stories. One thing I have read on this site is that sometimes they have to be tuned a few times before it is right. My Cardiologist said it is like fine tuning a car. Any way, take care and I hope everything turns out good for you. Let us know.


One Month Check-up

by janetinak - 2007-10-24 12:10:52

Hi Dan,

I would make sure you tell who-ever you see about your SOB. I recently had an adjustment made to my PM which I have had since 2003 (my 2nd) as I started to have SOB. I was also being worked up by the cardaic group for the SOB. Had an echo & chemical stress test & went in to office for rountine PM check & mentioned work-up & SOB. Turns out with a simple adjustment my SOB is gone & results of tests were all OK. So yes, an adjustment may be all you need. Good luck & let us know how it goes.



by peter - 2007-10-25 10:10:55

Just to say that after sitting still your pacemaker should pace you at 70 beats per minute. Are the beats regular ? if you have had an AV node ablation and are pacemaker dependant there is no way it should beat any faster than 70 when at rest. Mine beats at an absolute 70 BPM at rest. It might be that your heart is adding some extra beats because you are not pacemaker dependant

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