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Hi PM pals,

Well, I am 5 weeks after surgery, and had my first check-up today. Or should I say, tried to? They were able to tune my pacemaker to a different setting, and could tell that everything was working, but they couldn't do a "interrogation reading" because I was so shook up, my heart rate went up to 113, I said to the Tech, please take it off (magnet) I have to sit up, she said "Janice, I haven't even did anything yet. That is your own heart rate." So apparently, they can't turn the machine up higher, because it would be dangerous? I tried to settle down after that, but they said they would re-book another appt. for me to come in. I feel so stupid. What if this happens every time I go in? What can I do? She kept telling me - just keep thinking: This is only a test, this is only a test....but my heart felt like it was jumping out of my chest. Then my Cardiologist came into the room, and together they adjusted my settings to 45 and 120. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? I feel like an idiot.
Thanks for listening.



You are not an idiot

by YellowMonkee - 2007-10-19 09:10:46

Hi Janice,

I have not had an experience just like that, but I do suffer from anxiety. For one thing, they do your icd check laying down? I always do mine sitting up in a chair. For another thing, you're not an idiot. Everybody's anxiety manifests in different ways. Your's is when they put the magnet on you. For me, the checks ease my anxiety. It lets me know how things are going. If the anxiety is that bad, maybe you should take something before you get the check. Try talking to your primary doctor. He/she can give you something for one time use. Just make sure you have someone to drive you. They can knock you out.

I hope this helps.

it will get better

by searchingwoman - 2007-10-20 06:10:40

Hi Janice,

I think all of us have suffer with anxiety when visiting the EP office for our pacemaker check. I had my first pm implanted at the age of 36. I am soon ready to have my 3rd replacement. I too get very nervous even after all of these years when I go to have my checkup.
It does get better. Even though I feel very comfortable with my doctor and have a wonderful repoire with the nurse who checks me each month, I continue to feel my heart beat get faster as I pull into the parking lot.
You will get used to the magnet. It does make me feel a little weird but the magnet is only on there for a very few seconds. Stay positive and remember that your pm is your new best friend. I hope I have helped to calm your fears.
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