Anxiety After Being Zapped By Defib

Any advice on getting over those anxieties after being zapped? In an ideal world you want to forget about having a defibrilator
and I was in that state of mind for a couple of years after it was fitted until I got zapped. The positive side of being zapped for me was at least I know what to expect if it were to happen in future. I do find myself feeling for my pulse from time to time which is a habit I want to get out of. In addition my libido/sex drive has dropped. I take a beta blocker (sotalol) twice per day. Any thoughts/help/shared experiences. The UK doesn't seem to have the support groups that there are in the US. Cheers Steve



by Peter.Nash - 2007-11-19 01:11:54

Hi Steve,
I am on one as the same meds as you Sotolol 40mg 4 times a day ..and it works for me but the side effects you describe are just the same as yours ....but then I am to old to worry about that... I just tell my wife if you want to go somewhere else "fine" as long as you keep sending me the money .... mind you she did give me a slap for saying that....
But hey it was the same after my ICD went off for the first time and then every week for a month ..four times in all it is bound to leave you a bit anxious and I think eveyone feels the advice is listen to people on this site,I could not find any support either here in the uk.. but these caring people have helped haul me back from what I considered to be the "edge" and I am pretty sure I could not have made it with out them....there is actually a group now in the uk run by the Norfolk and Norwich hospital if that is any help to you....just hang in there you will be fine just ask.what you need to know and someone here will come up with the answer.
Take it easy Peter .N


by plumberman - 2007-11-19 09:11:26

Hi Steve: It's quite natural to have moments of anxiety after being zapped. I have to believe we all go through it. And if someone says they don't suffer from anxiety then I'd say they're lying!! I take sotalol 3x a day and have been "stable" for a couple of years now. I take a low dose (10mg) of paxil each night which seems to help take the edge off. It seems to work for me, anyways. I'm always aware that I have an ICD but I try not to let it control my life. Like you, when I was first zapped, I started to wear a heart monitor all the time. I used to glance at my monitor watch CONSTANTLY!!!!!!!!! No more, thank goodness. I remember if I even the slightest change in my heartrate, I'd stop what I was doing and monitor myself. Enough of that nonsense and it's been years since I've wore it. I guess, If it's going to fire, than nothing I can do will stop it from firing. As long as I'm still around after the firing, right?? As far as a diminished sex drive goes, well let's say you're not alone, the meds will do that.
Take care, Marty

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