New to pacemakers

Would like to hear from anyone soon to get a pacemaker. Mine is scheduled for August 21. It's always on my mind. Wondering if you're feeling that way.


Didn't have time to think

by Vicki - 2007-08-11 03:08:12

Hi Lori,
Mine was done on an emergency basis. Went to ER with complete heart block. They thought it might be from too much of the betablocker I take so they kept me three days with no change and said I had to have the PM implanted. If I had the time you have on your hands to worry about it, I would be nervous too. Mine was done on July 18th. The procedure was relatively easy. Didn't feel a thing. I'm sure you will do just fine.

Take care,

Surgery on August 23

by anemec - 2007-08-14 05:08:45

From reading your postings it sounds like we have a lot in common. I was born in complete heartblock and have not had any symptoms such as getting dizzy or fainting. At my last cardiologist check up, they gave me a Holter monitor to wear for 24 hours and apparently at night my heart rate slows down to where I now need a pacemaker. I am kind of freaked out about it because I have never had any sort of surgery before. Most of the time I try not to obsess about it. Reading the postings on this site have helped since it seems to be a pretty routine surgery now. I also am hoping the pacemaker helps with my being cold all of the time.


by Lori - 2007-08-14 07:08:52

anmec, I just went for my second opinion today. My hometown cardiologist told me to cancel my surgery next week for now. He said he is going to research if they are now recommending pacemakers before we are asymptomatic and have me do another treadmill test. he says if I can go without it another ten years it would be good. Did they tell you the cold is a cause of this? What did they say if anything about new recommendations for those of us who are asymptomatic. Thanks so much. Lori

Don't be afraid

by gldoble - 2007-09-02 10:09:17

I had mine installed on the 16th. A combination unit of PM and ICD. Before I went in the Docs had said that I had two years left with the drugs. Well now the Energizeer Bunny and I are life long budddies. The surgury went well. I was in Thrusday and out Friday morning. The only thing that really is a pain is the soreness on my left shoulder. But that is going away.

My kids, (9,9 & 4) now call me cyber dad. I have been given a lot more than the original 2 years left and I have found that I look at life a lot differently. I don't anger as I did before hand. And I can enjoy things as small as a spider web or how a flower petal looks.

I went back to work the middle of the following Wednesday, and feel just fine. I work my normal 55+ hours and drive 120 miles a day to and from work. No differnt than before. SOS. But I enjoy it a lot more.

So don' be afraid, just be thankful for the extra time and a richer life.


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