Hang in there.

For all of you that are having problems with your pacemakers, hang in there. Pacemakers should not be giving you problems. They are there to help your heart, not make it worse, not hurt and not make you feel like you're choking.
I have now had a pacer for 32 years. Problems? Sure, but persistance at getting them solved and an understanding cardiologist have helped. I just recently switched from a cardiothoracic surgeon (he just grew too old to operate - 84 years old!!) to a very fine EP and wish I had done it far sooner. My latest trip to surgery has been my best yet and I feel better than I ever did before. Like a fined tuned used car! LOL
Your problems CAN be solved. There are some very fine individuals on this board (Smitty comes to mind!) that can offer some fine advice.
Hang in there all of you. It can, and will, get better. Just persevere.


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