Redness after box change

My husband had a box change 24th November and rested for a couple of weeks before driving again and playing snooker,but he has noticed a redness around edge of where box situated (no temperature or any other symptoms).Is this where the edge of the device reacting to movement again (this ICD was slightly bigger and EP had to pop the muscle to insert)and nothing to worry about-any comments appreciated.Thanks 


I would get the wound checked

by Gemita - 2022-12-18 14:38:27

Sylvia it is difficult to know whether the redness is normal healing, inflammation or early signs of an infection.  Perhaps you could take a pic of the device area and send it into your clinic tomorrow for them to give you an early opinion or visit your own GP for the wound to be closely inspected.  

Redness, bruising, even some slight swelling initially is fairly normal but if the redness has just started to show up for the first time, it could be an early sign of a problem.  Even if it turns out to be normal healing, I would get it checked out to be safe

See the doc

by Lavender - 2022-12-18 16:42:25

It's impossible to answer this online, even by a doctor. To be safe, call the cardiac nurse or EPs office and report in. I'm willing to bet they will want an inperson look to determine the reason for the redness. Might be normal but it's obviously concerning enough that you're seeking insight. Good luck, and a Merry Christmas ahead!

Redness after box change

by Stapo - 2023-01-08 01:50:45

Hi Sylvia,

How is he now, I had a Pacemaker inserted early October 2022 & the wound area was stitched internally & glued externally. Once the glue started to peel off after about two & a bit months I noticed that internal stictches had come through at both ends of the wound & became inflamed & very red. Went immediately to my Doctor who started me on antibiotics which took over 2 weeks to bring it under control. The concern is if the infections gets onto the leads it then becomes life threatening, so always go straight to your Specialist or your regular Doctor once you notice anything of concern.

Hope all is OK now.

Box Change

by Sylvia1 - 2023-01-10 18:34:10

Hi my husband is doing fine now thank you for asking.He spoke to the clinic where he had his ICD replacement and they were not overly concerned as he had no other symptoms that he could have possible infection,so they just said to give it another couple of weeks and if not improved pop in to see them.The new ICD is bigger but thinner and they had to 'pop the pocket' and go through muscle to insert it so inevitably it would be sore and take some time to settle down.The redness appeared after he went back to playing snooker and whereas it was still moving around a bit and pushing against the skin and irritating it.Hope you have recovered now?

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