A little punch in my left side of abdomen

Hello all, 

Well now I have been on Entresto for a little over a month now, and I think I am getting used to it, I still get dizzy spells but it doesn't last long and it is really a matter of me watching the foor and water intake to keep me balanced.

But now I do have a new thing that just started three or four days ago, when I lay down in bed or sit in a reclinere, I feel this punch (contraction) in my left side of my abdomin, it goes on for five or six  punches in a row, I have to change my position for it to slow down or stop, then it starts again, especially when I go to sleep. It really feels like my heart is contracting really hard to the point where it feels like a punch.

Anyone had this expeerience? 

By the way, yesterday was my 1 year anniversary for the pacemaker, and I am still waiting on my EF to improve more, when I started this a year ago I had a 20% EF, two months ago I tested and I am at 25%, not much improvement as I was hoping for, let's see if Entresto would do the trick.

Thank you all for being here to listen (read) the gribes others have.




Have they checked your leads?

by Gemita - 2022-03-16 20:30:51

Roger firstly I am glad to hear your EF has slightly improved and you are doing okay on Entresto.  I would be happy with 5% improvement - it's going in the right direction.

What are we going to do about this "punch" of yours?  I wonder if it is stimulation from, or a problem with, one of the leads?  I would do a download and send to your clinic for them to check lead status and look for other problems, or at least let them know what you are feeling.  

I experienced many sudden "jerks" in the first year or two on the left side, especially as I was falling to sleep. I think many other members have too.  They are rapid involuntary muscle contractions (Hypnic jerks) and they sure wake us up.  I also got and still get some diaphragmatic stimulation (quivering sensation around diaphragm), but no punches Roger. 

Update: You could also ask your doctors about Entresto possible role in your new symptom or whether the abdominal discomfort could be related to your heart failure (for example due to congestion in the area from fluid retention)?  Hope you get some answers soon


by Julros - 2022-03-17 22:44:18

I to wonder if your LV lead is stimulating your diaphragm. I had something similiar, that became more noticable as I lost weight. It was also very dependent on my position. It felt like a twitch, and triggered my GERD/GORD to flair up. A pacer rep was able to reprogram the device/leads to stop it. 

left bundle 3 wire pacemaker

by lukerbee - 2022-03-20 14:23:40

just had my Boston Scient.. U228 implanted on the 14th. Have had these random, painless but strong internal punches most days during activity ....... such as toilet activivity, walking, etc. They are front, back, usually low/left front. Cause mental stress only. Also my heart rate has been 27-60, mostly in the morning. Dr's say the implant is functioning properly. I guess I have to wait for the healing to complete and metopropolol to see if I'm going to survive! Chuck

biventrical bumps

by dwelch - 2022-05-04 01:59:08

yeah, I get belly bumps from time to time, belly bumps as one nurse called them.   for me I have to be standing or sitting just right and take a deep breath in and just before finishing breathing in I get one bump.  I would love to know how to make mine do it for several in a row on purpose.  Nice party trick.

Its the lead that drives the heart muscle also drives the abodmen muscles. they have to get the signal right to work the heart, and that side is a bit closer than the other, this is why they do rv pacing first then add an lv only if you need a second ventrical lead.  they can tune the signal to some extent but it needs to drive that side of the heart to do its job.

If it is bothersome, cant sleep, happens so often it is driving you crazy, uncomfortable, etc, call them see if they can make some adjustments.

It makes me giggle but again it is so rare and I get one bump in a blue moon.  but I can easily see how it happening often would drive me crazy.

Just call them it is on the list of things that happen with an LV lead and they should be well versed in it.

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