First time - New pacemaker

Hi, I recently had a Biotronik pacemaker placed one-week ago. The last 2-days I've had this weird "pulsating" feeling in my stomach that comes intermittently. It only lasts seconds but Im a little concerned. Is this common with a pacemaker? Is it just during recovery and the healing process? I'd appreciate any comments as I'm new to all of this! Thanks 


Pulsing stomach

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-13 22:14:40

Welcome to the club, Coluccidr.  Sorry about that.

Yes, this isn't unheard of.  Several new pacemaker recipients report these sensations.  It's likely that the lead is pacing your diaphragm.  Tell your EP about this.  There are things that he can do to fix this.  Often they set the pacing voltage quite high until your heart gets used to being paced.  They can measure the "threshold" needed to pace the heart, then adjust the voltage down which may eliminate this problem.  Tell your EP and maybe he'll pust the timing up.

Bring up @ follow up

by MissAshleigh - 2021-11-15 13:02:05

I had to have a handful of settings changed in my first year. Some were just 'dialing in,' but I felt pacing & had minor issues until they changed settings over appointments. (Was picking up on potholes in my city & pacing me! I could feel it.) Apparently, I'm far more sensitive than the average patient. Don't be too shy to speak up if something feels weird; it may just take time, but it could possibly be eliminated, too. Take care! 

Potholes and pacers

by AgentX86 - 2021-11-16 12:37:38

Potholes are interesting. If rate response is turned on, a bumpy road tells the pacemaker the same thing as a good run it thinks you're running but you're not expending much energy at all. This effect can be minimize by making RR less sensitive.

I went the other way. I wanted all the performance I could get as fast as possible and accept ťhe weird feelings:. It's a tradeoff that only you can make.

happens to me

by dwelch - 2021-11-24 23:15:58

Nurse called them belly bumps.  I think they are kinda fun, I wish I could make the happen intentionally, would be a nice party trick.   I understand that folks have them all the time and cant sleep and stuff.  so they can be a problem.  but it is hopefully just a simple adjustment, the y have the juice turned up too high.  perhaps because it is a new device, when you see them next or if it is to the point you cant sleep, work, etc.  just call them.  this does not happen to everyone but it does happen.  

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