Had PM surgery 11/1/21,.,Questions

Hello Everyone, I had my PM surgery  this past Monday!  I am doing great!  Only mild discomfort.   Except, I am having a hard time sleeping because  I sleep on my left side.  I was told not to sleep on that side because the pacemaker is on that side.  I didn't think to ask how long.  Does anyone know if I have to wait a month like I have to wait to raise my arm over my shoulder?    Is it normal to still feel fluttering occasionally?  Also when I bend forward or bend over to pick up something, I feel pressure/some pain in chest and throat.  Is that notmal?  Thank you!  Sharon



by new to pace.... - 2021-11-05 03:35:31

sorry for your discomfort.  I slept in a recliner for a couple of weeks.  thank goodness am a right side sleeper.  As for bending over or forward remember you still have stiches might take it easy until they heal.

new to pace

new to pace

by disneyfan - 2021-11-05 13:59:24

New to pace, thank you for your comments.  I wish I was a right side sleeper too!  Thanks forthe reminder about the stitches.  I feel good so I started do my normal things.  I guess I should slow it down a bit.  I wish I new when I could sleep on my left side again!...lol  Take care!  

You will be fine

by Gemita - 2021-11-05 14:17:58

Sharon, how about waiting until it "feels comfortable" and then try sleeping on your left side again.  There is no restriction as far as I know.  It is all about comfort level;  when you feel more comfortable, then start sleeping on the left side again.  Initially I placed a few pillows on the left side of my chest to help cushion my device, to stop that sensation of "pulling" or pressure on my device.

Yes it is perfectly normal to feel some fluttering.  I had an increase in my heart rhythm irregularities for a short while after implant until my heart got used to being paced and I felt less stressed.  And yes, bending over even now for me can cause some chest discomfort and may even trigger a palpitation or two.  Above all, please don't worry Sharon.  I am sure you are healing well.  Take care


by disneyfan - 2021-11-05 23:10:02

Thank you so much for your suggestion to do what I feel comfortable doing....makes perfect sense now that you mentioned it!   I will try sleeping on my left tonight and see how it goes.  I appreciate you letting me know what I am experiencing is normal.  This site is wonderful  because of people like you taking the time to help us newbies feel less worries and answer our questions!  Thank you!  Take care!    

Sleep position after pacemaker, insertion

by Selwyn - 2021-11-07 08:27:08

There is nothing to suggest a higher complication rate with sleep position. What is important is not to strain your wound. After that anything is acceptable. 

There is no additional complication rate with arm movement, the same rule applies - do what is comfortable and don't sprain the wound.  Wound strength is almost maximal by 6 weeks. Most sutures can be removed in a week, or rarely longer (depending on the site)  so this tells you that after a week there is acceptable tissue adhesion/healing.

Fluttering may well just be hightened sensation associated with stress. It is worth discussing with your physician.

Some people get oesophageal acid reflux on bending and stooping. This can be experienced as chest pain and throat pain. Perhaps try an antacid/alginate from your pharmacist? If that works you know what the problem is. If not, seek a medical opinion.

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