Sorry to hijack the site for a question about nature medicines

My father has been fitted with a pacemaker in June. The problem is that he has brain cancer. He has had radiotherapy and we have given him alternative medicines ie Q10, Essacia tea, mushroom, drops, oxygen drops, coral calcium, shark tablet, seleno.

At the beginining of the week I was informed that people with cancer who take Flex seed oil have had good results. We gave my father this yesterday and brown liquid came from his nose (sorry it sound horrible). Since this has happenend he looks the best I seen him in a long time. I in talking normally.

Has anyone else here of this happending.

Sorry this is not a pacemaker problem.

Wishing everyone on the site good health

Love Debbie



by jessie - 2007-12-02 02:12:34

cancer is a unknown quantity for sure. i know people have tried different paths to cures. i know some who have been cured. i just think if you guys are succeeding good for you. i myself have dealt with it personally twice. a brother who died at age 30 in 1970 and my sister in law who died last summer. traditional treatments were used. so sorry i can't be of any help. god bless you and kenneth and edith and your family take care. love,maureen


by papaknight - 2007-12-02 08:12:42

The brown stuff was probably just old sinus bactiera..good to get it out. its sounds like you r doing all u can..keep up the god work and best of luck

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