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Dear All

My father Kenneth was fitted with a pacemaker on 13th June. Trying very hard to get back to normal but kept experiencing hot flushes slumping forward and colour draining from his face. He has been trying to mange his diabetes better. On 16th July he had another experience of hot flushes but this time after this experience had memory loss. On 25th July he started rambling and was unable to speak properly. Sunday 30th July his speech has come back and his brain is very alert. We have consulted private doctors and nobody seems to know what the problem is.
Has anyone else experience this. We are wondering if the pacemaker needs adjusting but we are not sure what we should be asking for.
Sunday 17:46 Cheshire England and has finally after one month stopped raining.
Love and best wishes to Jessie/Johng/Rusty/Gellia


hi daugh

by jessie - 2007-07-29 01:07:57

hi daughter, sometimes diabetus acts funny with funny side effects which are not all listed. i know my husband is borderline and controls it right now by diet but when he eats something with sugar he doesan't always feel good. hope this helps and hope doctors can help him to feel better. i noticed with john his memory loss sometimes too. hope you keep asking and that you will finally get some answers. you are are all in my prayers jessie

hi dholt

by teen - 2007-07-29 04:07:00

i was reading your posting about your father. i have a friend who has borderline diabetes and has had the problems you described but she does not have a pacemaker. one minute you can be talking to her, the next she is rambling on about things that don't make sense. she can get quite aggressive too and can't remember what has happened, so i think it is more related to diabetes than the pacemaker.
i don't have a pacemaker, but my 17yr old son was fitted with one on 13th april this year and although he had a scare when he was dizzy again, at this moment he is in somerset, england, grading for his black belt in aikido. i had him checked out and the doctor said although he is ok, there is a chance that all the symptoms might not go away, but he should not pass out. if in any doubt, go back to the clinic and ask questions because like us, you are still learning about it.
i hope he feels better. take care.
teen ( scotland )


by patpeter - 2007-07-29 06:07:32

Hi, you do not say how old your father is and if he has any other problems like high blood pressure but I think you need to have him see the doctor to rule out a stroke or TIA. Maybe you already have had this done since your em says you have sought out private MD's but better safe than sorry, also is your father an insulin dependent diabetic or can he control his diabetes with meds or diet? Because diabets can mimic a lot of problems...I dont' think it's his pacemaker but it's best to have everything checked out, hope this helps a little and that he is feeling better soon. take care

Agree with above!

by auntiesamm - 2007-07-29 07:07:05

Hi - Sorry to hear of the problems your father is having. This is not typical just because someone got a PM. As Patpeter posted - it sounds to me like it could be TIAs or "small strokes" as the are often referred to. Has his diabetes been well controlled in the past with insulin? How is his diet? Does he have high blood pressure? Folks with diabetes and high blood pressure are predisposed to TIAs and strokes. I suggest you get him to an emergency room if possible and have him evaluated while having these symptoms. Does he have a regular, primary care physician who knows him well? I hope you can get him seen very soon. This has got to be a very difficult for your dad and all the family. Good luck and God bless.

Rain Rain go away

by valerie - 2007-07-30 05:07:17

I'm glad you got a break from the rain :)

I'm so sorry that your father is going through this. I'm glad he has someone who cares so much for him.

Sharon and patpeter make a good point [Happy face sticker for Sharon and patpeter...and jessie and teen:) ]
Since you mention that he slumps forward and cannot speak properly, that sounds like a TIA and/or a diabetic problem.
So this should be ruled out. The sooner this gets resolved, the better. My uncle just had a stroke, and he has Diabetes AND high blood pressure, so a bad combination for sure. He had memory loss, but he's getting better with that, now that he's on the appropriate meds and treatment plan.
Anyway, please keep us posted on how he is doing. You'll be in my prayers.
take care,

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