stress test reults

Just heard back from the Cardiolgist's nurse.  That the medically induced stress test showed that i am "low risk for coronary disease". 

Will have an in-office  pacemaker check in mid August will tell her how the heart is beating.

new to pace


Good news!

by Persephone - 2021-07-26 16:59:28

That's good news.  You must feel relieved at your report.  I will also have the pleasure of venturing to the clinic/doc this week.  I get to meet my new doc due to retirements.  

Low Risk

by doublehorn48 - 2021-07-26 17:03:21

Low risk for coronary disease.  Every year when I do the stress test my big question is what are my chance of a heart attack?  Low risk for coronary disease sounds great. 


m. scott

always like a good report

by new to pace.... - 2021-07-26 17:05:31

This is a new  cardio  dr for me just  started seeing her in April of this year.

Persephone hope you like your new dr.

new to pace

thanks doublehorn48

by new to pace.... - 2021-07-26 17:09:26

new to pace

stress test results

by Flo - 2021-07-26 19:01:52

That is good news, new to pace!  Best to you!


by new to pace.... - 2021-07-26 19:41:57

thanks Flo

Stress test results

by Dixie Chick 65 - 2021-07-27 14:04:30

This is good news, New to Pace !! Happy for you.


by new to pace.... - 2021-07-28 09:56:28

thanks  Dixie Chick 65

new to pace

Good news!

by Elisabet - 2021-07-29 12:41:19

I'm sure it's a relief to have a baseline test with those results. 


by new to pace.... - 2021-07-29 13:07:10

Thanks Elisabet.  This is my third one had one 2 years ago which got me the pacemake.,This is with the new cardio.  Hopefully can wait another 3 years.

new to pace.

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