icd /defibrillator

I had my ICD 2 months ago and I still find the site very sensative , seatbelt , bra strap ... etc

How long before it gets better :( any idea . please help !!



by AgentX86 - 2021-06-30 12:36:47

It gets better but after tyears I still don't like anything resting directly on my pacemaker. Early on I bought one of the sheepskin shoulder harness pads (available from Amazon or any parts store for peanuts) and it's worked beautifully. I rest it on my sternum to the right of my PM. It lifts the strap over my pacemaker and all is good.

Edit.  Sorry, typing on my cell phone is rather error prone, either I mistype or it miscorrects.  ;-) I meant "three years".

It will get better

by Persephone - 2021-06-30 21:03:47

Hang in there, Sueforts - over time the sensitivity should abate and all of this discomfort will hopefully be behind you.  One day, hopefully, you'll realize that you'd forgotten the device was even there !   

Suffering with you!

by asully - 2021-07-01 22:10:43

I'm over a month post implant and despite having 3 other "cans" the crt-d is by far the largest and the most unpleasant.  Still waiting for things to numb up!  If your curious why it's more painful compared to a basic single or even dual chamber just google image search the sizes and you will see how much larger the battery of the crt-d is.

It took me 5-6 weeks

by seenu302 - 2021-07-06 02:17:20

to get the full range of motion back and start feeling normal if you can call it that. It still feels  little heavy compared to having a PM.

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