Pacemaker feels hot

A couple of times a day it feels like my pacemaker is heating up it is much warmer on one side of my chest in the other I have a Medtronic Azur XT. Has anyone else experienced this I put a call out to my doctor but I've  not heard back yet


Hot PM

by Dixie Chick 65 - 2021-06-06 13:44:45

Just read your post and wanted to let you know I have the same " model."

I've never noticed mine feeling hot. I've had mine a year now and it is not easy to even feel the outline of it. Just a thought, but you could call Medtronic patient services. I had an issue a few months ago and they were very responsive. I use the My Care link app on my IPhone not a bedside monitor. 800-929-4043

Good luck, I know you want this resolved !

Hot pacemaker

by AgentX86 - 2021-06-06 18:14:55

There is no way a pacemaker can get hot to the touch without running the battery down in very short order.  Energy is energy.   However, I see from your bio that your PM was implanted this year.  How long ago?  If it was only a few weeks, there may be an infection in the pocket. If so, you need to get to a doctor ASAP.  Since it's Sunday, you should go to the ER.  Infections are deadly serious.  OTOH, if your implant was some months back, it's not likely to be an infection.

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