This too shall pass(?)

I see many postings here about the way the pacemaker feels, asking when will it become unnoticeable, and I do see that the answer is almost always that the sensation is normal & will disappear over time. Yet, here I am with almost the same question, and expecting the same answer--guess I just need to see it in connection with my own experience! Also, I often post with the thought that, if I am feeling this or that, probably many others feel the same & can benfit from the information.

I had my pm implanted Jan 27th of this year. I went through the roller coaster of physical & mental reactions, and keep thinking that i am healed, adjusted, and should have no issues of discomfort or concern. The last few days (I think it started over the last weekend) I feel itching & soreness all around the area of the pacemaker, particularly near the armpit, where I almost feel as if some part of the device is now closer to the surface, as the bumps under the skin seem more prominant. It seems to me that something is even slightly interfering with the movement of my left arm.

I have had the tingling that has been explained as healing nerves, but these sensations are new, and I'm wondering if I have done something "wrong". Is it possible that I have caused the device to move, maybe by sleeping in an awkward position? After the initial healing period, I had no discomfort in sleeping, and felt no need to limit my movements. Should I be more careful even after months have passed--maybe using a pillow on my side as some people suggest? I'm not worried that the device is damaged or that I have injured myself, I just don't like to think that discomfort will be a recurring problem. If it is a case of giving myself time to heal, how much? I would have thought 4 months was a good chunk of time, but maybe a year? There is certainly a lot more to this journey that I thought going in, but I am happy to be feeling as good as I am. 


Not so sure

by Gemita - 2021-05-20 12:58:23

TLee, you should be past the problem stage by now.  The itchiness and soreness all around the area of the pacemaker worry me slightly, especially if this has suddenly occurred.  I am wondering if there has been movement too of your device towards your left armpit.  I honestly think that you need to be seen just in case (1) you have developed a slight allergic reaction to your pacemaker (itchiness and soreness) or there are signs of infection, and (2) some movement has occurred.  What have you got to lose by asking to be seen by your clinic.  Hopefully they could carry out a number of checks and put your mind at rest, or indeed find something that needs close observation or treatment.

Whatever you do, don’t blame yourself.  None of this is your fault, although I know you had a bit of a mishap lifting Iced tea (12 pack of cans ) which hit your pacemaker a few weeks ago?  Sleeping in an awkward position isn’t the reason for your present symptoms.  Until you are seen, I would be careful.  On the other hand, you could just be going through a rough patch, nothing more TLee.  Even after 3 years, I can still get discomfort in the implant area which usually resolves over a few days disappearing completely thereafter . . . until the next time?  Our bodies are so complex, aren't they.

How itchy and sore is the area around your pacemaker?  Have you been working in the garden, with clothing/straps rubbing against your device, or have you been wearing a seatbelt that has caused irritation?  Take a pic of the area and watch the device area for signs of further changes or send a copy to your doctors for their assessment, but I wouldn't just ignore a new itchiness/redness around your device.  We need to protect you from any potential allergic reaction, infection or movement of your device.  I would speak to your doctors but remain calm and optimistic all is well

I think it's OK

by TLee - 2021-05-21 13:45:10

Over the last couple of days I have been noticing muscle soreness in other places like shoulders & neck, which leads me to believe that the problem is not isolated to my site. I have a very bad habit of lifting,pushing & pulling things that are maybe a bit too heavy. It is the season for gardening & yard work, and we have tried to make a start on clearing out storage areas as well. Even though I don't remember a specific incident (I'm getting older!), I'm sure that I've done something to strain various body parts, both natural & man-made! I am still at the point where every little thing around my pacemaker is a worry, but I guess that is not such a bad thing--if I begin to feel that something is really wrong, I will call.

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