Home theaters

I've just been given...lucky me...a surround sound home theater system. My question is, are the magnets in theses high end speakers going to affect my pacemaker?

Mike Greensill


Are you a Speaker Hugger?

by ElectricFrank - 2009-09-30 10:09:35

Seriously, I about a week ago I carried a large speaker into the house from my Jeep. I never thought about it until I put it down and hadn't had any problems.


spkrs ok but beware of Wii

by Vangie - 2010-03-26 11:03:21

About 3 months ago my son & I were in the Cardio office for checkup when he read a poster on the wall about Wii (electronic games) causing PM problems. Since then I had a hip replacement and went to a skilled nursing facility for concentrated physical therapy, ( I had been there 5 mos earlier when I had the other hip replaced, so knew what to expect). They use a Wii for various PT/OT situations and when I mentioned that poster, they knew nothing about any such warnings. They didn't just drop it, they went to the source and after much back and forth, the upshot is: Keep the hand held remote at least 9 (nine) inches from the pacemaker. The company does not provide that info on any of their packaging (that I've found so far) nor in their instructions/warning info inside the package. Even their website has no info, that I could find. Since Wii is being used by many as an exercise at home device I think this should be publicized - .

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