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Hi, everyone.

I received a pacemaker four weeks ago tomorrow.  I am finding things more difficult than I thought; I thought everything would be perfect and "back to normal" (my underlying condition leading to now is Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy, and I've had a myectomy).  I am experiencing shortness of breath, sensitivity in the incision area still, and pounding heartbeats.  I have an appointment a week early tomorrow with the pacemaker clinic so they can figure out what's going on.  Anyone else have issues post surgery?

Have you all gotten used to having this thing?

Thanks in advance.




by Loretta - 2021-05-18 20:36:05

Newly placed Pm for SSS on1/19/2021

My pm nurse had to adjust my pm and turned off my rate response feature after I complained about the sob and pounding heart. I couldnt walk to mail box without having sob and my heart jumping out of my chest.  It took two vists to get adjustments right and it was night and day when she found the right setting. Keep good track of any symptoms for the visits.

I was also told I am more sensitive to the beats now that I have a pm ,which still doesnt make sense to me as to why the pacer makes it more pronounced.

My pm area is still tender and I still have some pain to this day,but getting better.

I am still dealing with the not quite normal feeling at times myself ,anger and disbelief that I have this thing in my body etc. I understand it is normal due to the trauma we just went through. (mind and body) BUT it is getting less and less each week that passes and I adjust to it.

Be patient and get out and move as much as the body allows. Fresh air and sunshine is the best medicine to help heal the soul. The pm nurse is always a plus for questions and concerns.

Last ,there are some great posts on this site to refer to so you dont feel like you are alone,which you are not ! 

Hang in there ,it gets better.



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