stress test

I am going to have a stress test. they will be using a regadrnson injection. they say it is very safe. has anyone else heard or had this. thank you all for you your advise. stay safe


stress test

by prettylady - 2021-04-27 19:22:57


chemical stress test

by dwelch - 2021-04-27 21:14:03

I had a chemical stress test, as to if this is the chemical they used I dont know.  It is no big deal, they gave me the shot, gave me a coupon for the cafeteria, get something to eat come back in 45 minutes or something and then they wired me up.  Was super simple...It might have been an IV, I dont remember.

This was pre-pandemic so eating inside with strangers was not a big deal.  But the implication was they did want me to eat something, so if the procedure is the same then maybe you can bring something and sit in the car or whatever...Just give them a call.

My upper limit was below what they wanted me to get stressed to so a treadmill would not have been useful (would have been nice if the doctors talked to each other or could share records or could read records and not tell me to dress and prepare for the treadmill only to find im going to just sit around and let them fumble about figuring out that I have a pacer).



chemical stress test

by Julros - 2021-04-28 00:57:28

Yes, I've had it. I tried to do the treadmill but I couldn't get my heart rate above 60, despite me huffing and puffing. It helps to speed up your heart to see if you have ekg changes during exercise. It is very safe. You will be asked to hold any beta blocker, caffeine or chocolate prior, I think. It can cause wheezing, so they will likely ask if you have asthma. 

stress test

by new to pace.... - 2021-04-28 10:01:36

It is interesting now you need a stress test after you had your pacemaker.  Generally it is giving  before your implantation.  well you must be backward in what you do.  Or maybe you are just  tyring fool those who are serious about giving advice.

new to pace

head out of oven

by new to pace.... - 2021-04-28 12:58:11

How is your head feeling now that it is out of oven?.  Glad you did not bake it for long

stress test

by prettylady - 2021-04-29 10:47:15

it is people  like you new to pace. that i do not  join chat stuff  



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