Discomfort at site area

Hi Everyone,
well I am still fairly new to this group as I just got my pacer on June 27th. So far my recovery has gone smoothly, very little pain. However the past 2 days has been a little annoying. I have slight discomfort at the site of the implant, it feels as if there is a weight there. I know this is probably a normal reaction due to the fact that well technically there is a slight weight there. I am only 31 years old and would like to be as active as possible, but with that feeling a get nervous bc I am worried that it might not go away.
I guess I am just wondering if that sensation does eventually go away, or bc the pacer is somewhat of a wieght that this feeling will be permanant?
Please help!



by jessie - 2007-07-11 01:07:32

i thought i would never see the day i would forget it is there. it hardly is noticeable at all and i don't think about it like at first when i thought about it all the time. so hope this helps. the discomfort will go. once in awhile i get itchy at the site and i have a cream and a spray antiitch for it. so you will get there bini hang tight and try to recover. get good sleep good food and try to relax jessie

site discomfort

by CathrynB - 2007-07-11 03:07:11

Hey bini:
I hope your recovery continues to go smoothly and you're back to your "old self" quickly! I remember that feeling of "pressure" from the early weeks. I think I finally decided it was the skin stretched over the slight "bump" of the PM that made it feel taut, and like pressure or weight. That definitely will get better. I got my PM 5 1/2 months ago, and it seems it took close to 2-3 months for that part to go away, but it wasn't actually uncomfortable or painful to me, it just kept me from forgetting about the whole thing entirely. And some of the discomfort (mild) comes from just using your arm, even if you're not raising it above your shoulder or lifting more than 10 pounds. But it's very important to keep moving that arm so you don't get frozen shoulder. Unless your medical condition suggests otherwise, you'll be able to do all your old activities again, as soon as the 6-week restrictions are over. But take it easy and build back up your activity slowly, or you'll prolong the recovery. As Jessie suggests, get lots of sleep and naps and good food and give yourself a short break. You need it! But all will be well. Take care and keep us posted on how you're getting along. Cathryn

Feeling Weight There

by hooimom - 2007-07-11 05:07:21


It will be one year with my PM on 7/18. In the beginning I couldn't walk more than a block because I felt such weight and pressure at my PM site. It got better with time and now I don't even think about it being there. My doctor explained that it can take months for the muscle and tissue to completely heal and during that time there can be pain, tingling, numbness, etc. I say this all the time but... it will get better! Until it gets better, do what you can but don't push it too much.

By the way, it is totally normal to be anxious and worried about these things!

Thank you all!

by bini - 2007-07-11 08:07:25

Thank you all for responding to this, I was getting a little nervous so it eases my mind to hear how well you all are doing. It also eases my mind to hear that this discomfort is normal. I am very happy that I got my pacer bc without it I was fainting almost 4 times a week and getting very injured!
This pacer has been a blessing and I know that it will continue to get better and better. I am just so glad I joined this group bc I am learning alot and seeking tons of support from really great people.

Good Question!

by cottontop - 2007-07-13 11:07:04

I just got my pc on June 28th and I totally understand what you are feeling. I am so glad to hear that I won't be feeling the weight,slight pain or tightness forever. When I am at home I tend to not think about it so much till I
try to lift something. When i go out i feel the need to put my hand over it as to hold it up there. Stupid, I know. Thanks for helping me through your question! I'm 49 and type A personality. Feel better about the whole thing now. I guess what I'm feeling is normal. God bless you,Bini.

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