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Been quiet awhile was in the forum. It's 13 months now since my incision. I still cannot slept my left side so much so that I wanted to or it will sore the next day. Also when I do grocery's and lift, put a  a bit of weight on my left, my upper arms tightens and sore the next day. My nurse practitioner asst to my cardiologist as I complained about why it seems my pacemaker moved if I lift up my arms as if moving down to the side of my armpit now. He found yes it did moved up if I lift my arms. "There's nothing they can do with it now or they'll have to reopen it. More scary. So sad but I have to live with it. I have been taking sleeping pills. My sleeping position keeps me awake and conscious. My eyes heavy but my mind so conscious with my sleeping position. Sleeping in my back leaning left put my right arms underneath my right part body. If I slept on my right my arms seems so heavy. Guess I have to live with it. 


Live with it?

by AgentX86 - 2021-02-26 13:07:12

The idea behind pacemakers is to make our lives better. I think I'd ask for a second opinion, being sure the doctors understand how this is affecting your quality of life. I'd want a second opinion from a surgeon in a separate practice or hospital.

Agree with AgentX86: seek another opinion as soon as you can

by Gemita - 2021-02-26 13:22:13

Hollywood, from where I am sitting, you seem in a very bad place and in your shoes I am not so sure that I would tell myself “guess I have to live with it”.  Although some of us are never comfortable sleeping on the pacemaker side (usually left side) again and have to find another comfortable spot, you seem to have more than just discomfort against you.  And the movement of your pacemaker sounds totally unacceptable and if it needs repositioning or anchoring down again, then so be it.

It sounds as though your quality of life is very poor, having to take sleeping pills and not being able to get a restful night’s sleep.  I would not put up with this after 13 months.  I would find another EP/pacemaker team and ask for a second opinion on the best way forward.  You have been very unfortunate indeed being under the miserable care of your present team.  Have you explained to them how much all this is affecting your quality of life?

While you wait for a second opinion, I would visit your general doctor or ask to be referred to a pain management team who might be able to offer you a better solution than sleeping pills.  If you have developed problems with the left arm through poor mobility, adequate pain control will help you to work through any physical therapy exercises to build up your strength again.

I do wish you well

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