Heart palpitations and dizzness

I am experiencing dizzness and heart palpitations and shortness of breath. It's been 4 and 1/2 months since I had my pacemaker implant! Had many adjustments and seems to last for a short time then symptoms come back and now I can't even do my daily chores or walk the dog down the street without feeling bad! Any comments would be much appreciated!


Palpitations, Dizziness and breathlessness

by Gemita - 2021-02-18 18:09:55

Hello Jam,

Your symptoms sound almost arrhythmia related rather than due to poorly adjusted pacemaker settings, since I see you have had many adjustments.

May I ask whether you have had any monitoring and if so, what did they find?  Even benign ectopics if they are prolonged and frequent can cause the symptoms you describe.  Before I was diagnosed with a number of atrial tachy arrhythmias, I used to get round the clock ectopic beats.  I couldn't sleep at night or function during the day.

What is your lower, base rate set at?  Mine is now set at 70 bpm day and night and my palpitations which were happening every day are now much less frequent.  The pacemaker cannot stop our arrhythmias but a higher heart rate setting certainly works well for me and helps me to outpace the slow, pausing ectopics and keep my heart beating more regularly.  As a result I feel better, sleep better, am less likely to get breathless, to feel my palpitations or to experience dizziness.  However your dizziness might be coming from a fast arrhythmia, so this is why you need to get some monitoring done to allow your doctors to assess what is going on.

Are you on any medication, like a low dose beta blocker which could help to settle any palpitations.  I would go back to your doctors for some answers. You could also ask them to check your electrolytes since levels may increase or decrease and imbalances will certainly trigger palpitations.  Have them check your thyroid too, another cause for heart rhythm disturbances.  It could be that you have developed a new arrhythmia though, so please go back to your doctors.

In the meantime, get plenty of rest, try not to drink too much caffeine and keep well hydrated (water!).   I do wish you well

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