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A hello from south of France.

I found out last november (2020) in the local emergency hospital, that I have serious heart failure - dilated left ventricule cardiomyopathy, with acute pulmonary edema, and I am lucky to have survived.

Im 55 years young, and never had any health issue before. After 3 months, and non satisfactory improvement with meds, I will have my pacemaker/icd (CRT-D) installed in just a few weeks.

I know my heart and I will be better, and I must admit I m really impressed about this whole situation.  Still sounds so weird thiis is happening to me. I'm lucky to be in France so I do not have to worry about financial stuff. We have super good coverage here.

I would like to know if you forgot to ask any important questions you would advice me to ask.

Thanks in advance



Good luck

by Gemita - 2021-02-09 06:24:37


Hello from the depths of winter in the South of England.

You sound as though you are in very good hands and in a place where you will receive excellent care.  I am sure therefore that your doctors have given you good advice already about what your pacemaker and ICD can do for you.  I hope it will make a real difference to your quality of life and improve your heart condition.

I would focus on building up your defences and strengthening your immune system to give yourself every opportunity to do well with your pacemaker/ICD.  I would perhaps also prepare yourself for a couple of weeks of only gentle activity, so anything that you, your family and friends can do to help you prepare for a few restrictions immediately following your implant, would be helpful.  

You could perhaps prepare lots of meals and freeze them for example, so you can relax following your procedure.  You could ask your doctors what restrictions immediately following your procedure would apply to you?  If you drive, you may need someone to drive you initially until your doctors tell you it is safe to resume driving for example.  Do not be afraid to let your doctors know about any concerns you may have about getting an ICD.  Unless they know, they cannot help or reassure you.  

If you have any specific concerns please feel free to post them so that members with ICDs can hopefully help you and put your mind at rest.

I do hope everything goes really well for you.

thanks #gemita

by Tulp - 2021-02-12 12:47:13

Thanks for your kind ans helpful comment.

Will take these advices into account.

Will keep you updated here.

I tried to ask for the infos of my device, but they couldnt tell me yet. Dont really know if it makes any difference anyway...

Hello Tulp,

by feelmyfrequency11 - 2021-02-23 17:55:21

I do not have any advice to give you per se. I just want to send you my well wishes from Georgia in the states! Everything will go exceptionally well and may your recovery be quick and easy. Take care :)


by Tulp - 2021-02-23 21:33:02

Thank you #feelmyfreqency11

I am getting a bit nervous...

Only Two days from now...

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