Heart BPM

  • by Pop
  • 2021-01-31 18:46:16
  • Coping

Had PM fitted Nov 2017, Had e few problems ever since device was fitted, Been back quite a few times, see different Cardiologists each time always get different diagnosis each time. Today went up stairs to bathroom had dizzy spell out of breath reart rate was very slow and palpitating again for around four or five minutes, any one else had simular symptemy?


Slow heart rate / pre-syncope

by AgentX86 - 2021-01-31 20:53:00

It sounds like have some sort of arrhythmia.  From your description, I'd guess that it was a string of PVCs but it's impossible to tell from any description.  You really need an EP, rather than a cardiologist to get to the bottom of this.  It doesn't sound like a structural problem, rather electrical, hence the EP.  Since this is an intermittent event, you'll probably need a Holter monitor for a week or perhaps more.

OTHO, it may just be dehydration.  You probably should have a blood test to check your electrolytes but make sure you hydrate properly until you can get to a doctor.  The heart (all nerves, really) need potassium, magnesium, and sodium (rarely a problem) to function.  Take away any one of those and the heart will go wonky, or worse.

Do you still have a lead voltage problem ?

by Gemita - 2021-02-01 03:22:32

Hello Pop,

I see you have a history of lead voltage problems and I am therefore not entirely surprised to hear of your continuing difficulties.  Has a decision been made about the faulty lead?

I am sorry you seem to see a different cardiologist, with a different diagnosis at each visit.  This must be worrying and frustrating.  It happened to me initially until I asked for a second opinion.  I now attend a large teaching hospital in London and always see the same consultant cardiologist/EP and this continuity of care makes such a difference.

Yes I can get the symptoms you describe, but I do not have lead problems. Instead I have arrhythmias and when these are present, especially when I exert myself, they can interfere with circulation, causing extreme dizziness or worse, fainting spells.  I can also get breathless, with sudden changes in heart rate (high/low).  My arrhythmias can cause chest pain, similar to angina, although I do not have blocked arteries.  My chest pain, breathlessness, dizzy spells, weakness, fatigue are solely due to my arrhythmias.  I wonder if your symptoms are due to a combination of a lead problem and an arrhythmia?  Only long term monitoring can determine the nature of the electrical disturbance present and the potential cause.  Before they can come up with a proper diagnosis and treatment plan you should be thoroughly assessed again in my opinion Pop and not by a junior member of the team, but by the Consultant him/herself.

Pop have you sought another opinion, in a different hospital, under another consultant?  Maybe a faulty lead is still your problem. You shouldn't have to suffer like this.  I would keep up the pressure and find a doctor you can trust and work with. I hope for the very best


by Pop - 2021-02-02 17:30:21

Gemita would not change lead saying risk outweighs benefit, one cardiologist says yes lead displacment another says no displacment, one Xray says yes displaced lead another says no displaced lead. then told nothing wrong with leads, very contradictory to say the least. wrote to head cardiologist  24th February 2020 sent by recorded delivery. Still had no direct reply form him. August 2019 felt unwell visited my GP blood pressure 111 over 52 with BPM52. he arranged an urgent consultation cardiologist next day. had a physical exhamination and an Xray, was told yes lead displacment, davice was returned to original setting with an estimated 3 weeks of battery power left, they would reccomend to the Consultant that lead and battery is changed urgently,I received a telephone call from them stating thea they had been overruled.Have had two more planned visits since the device has been tweeked as they called it as sometimes it takes time to get it right. I told them 4 years is exceptionally long in my view. Now at the stage where I dislike going for check ups, I am now logging dates, time, and problem as they arrise. last visit was told 3 years 6 months of battery life left, ( I must have an built in battery charger)

I would seek a private consultation at a different hospital

by Gemita - 2021-02-03 02:59:57

Pop, I cannot believe what I am hearing.  It sounds like a cover up and I would want to move far away from your current treating doctors and hospital and get another opinion in a different hospital and quickly.  I do not believe you have tried this?  Maybe get a private consultation first to get seen quickly and then switch back to NHS for lead replacement

I appreciate this is not the time for getting out and about but for your own well being I believe this needs fixing and your current team is clearly unable or unwilling to help you and you are losing time with them in my opinion.  Your symptoms are clearly affecting your quality of life and I wouldnt let this go on in case it causes permanent damage to your heart.  You need to be seen by a specialist electrophysiologist (EP) who is able to safely help you.  There are some really good EPs around with specialist knowledge of lead replacement (and you need the best).  In the right hands you will be safe.

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