Heart pain


I had a pacemaker implant on 10th November due to grade 2 heart block.

I was waiting to see if it was a temporary thing but for the fourth day in a row I've had an ache in what I presume is my heart. 

It is not unbearable but when resting or at night it is like a tooth ache and I am needing to take painkillers to get to sleep 

I know I need to speak to the cardiologist but is this something others have experienced? 

Could it be healing still or the pain from increased pacing?


Chest pain

by Gemita - 2021-01-03 07:41:42

John, sorry to hear this.  Yes I had an "aching" pain mid central chest area (all the way down my sternum and across my collarbone) for the first few months following implant procedure.

If you have had a serious cause for your chest pain ruled out(?), I would tend to feel this is still the after affects of implant procedure pain/discomfort causing these array of symptoms.  As you will see here on this site, there are many people experiencing all sorts of pain symptoms, from sharp, needle like sudden pain, to burning pain, to aching pain.  I have got a serious pain syndrome diagnosis from a past accident, but I can honestly say that with time my chest symptoms have resolved.

All I can recommend is that if you haven't already been assessed for your chest pain, you should do so to rule out anything serious.  If however you have already been investigated, then I would be reassured that this could well be a normal part of healing that might take a little more time to resolve.  Most U.K. hospitals, even with COVID-19 restrictions, have a rapid access chest pain clinic available for you to attend for some checks.  Speak to your GP first, or ring 111 for advice.

Regarding pacing pain, having a full examination could rule this in or out, as well as any problems with any new or worsening arrhythmias because arrhythmias can certainly cause chest pain.  

Good luck John, try not to worry and I hope for the very best.   Maybe this is nothing more than post Christmas indigestion symptoms.  Did you consult GP about a gastric cause for your chest pain?  Believe you had symptoms before Christmas too

Acid reflux symptoms?

by Persephone - 2021-01-03 11:47:46

Hi quikjraw - as Gemita points out, digestion issues could be a source of your discomfort. Acid reflux can cause significant pain when lying down. You may want to reflect on your dietary intake over this recent period...any acidic or spicy food that could be a cause?  Individuals can develop reactions to food they've never had problems with in the past.  I love green salads for example, but if I top my healthy salad w too much vinegary, spicy dressing, I'm going to pay. Making sure you don't eat too close to bedtime, or at least only having a small, neutral snack, can help.

Best wishes for a healthy new year.

Definitely upper left chest area

by quikjraw - 2021-01-03 18:44:28

Hi both

Thanks for your messages.

I plan to ring omorrow. Yes you are right Gemita I did have what I can describe as an upper central indigestion type pain but that is not so prominent now. 

This new pain is definitely upper left area of my chest which feels like my heart aching in a throbbing type fashion but not in time with my pulse.

I think I read another post suggesting that it could be simply muscular pain in the heart.

I'll ring the GP tomorrow and go from there. I have never been so demanding of the NHS in my life since this implant even though I have Ankolysing Spondylitis, so getting into the mindset of not waiting to see if gets better is a new experience for me.

You clearly cannot simply second guess what mght be wrong with your heart!

Happy new Year to you both.

No, no second guessing with the heart !

by Gemita - 2021-01-03 19:21:32

Good luck John for tomorrow and please report back when you have any news.  I do understand how you are feeling right now but it won't always be like this.  I can remember how disillusioned I first felt with my pacemaker, wanting to rewind the clock especially as I felt worse initially from both a heart rhythm point of view and from an increase in chest pain.

I can now look back after all my initial challenges and realise I am in a much better place, my heart is quieter and most of the time at peace with itself, pacing is steady and reliable and I am chest pain free, except when I get an arrhythmia.

Throbbing heart John sounds more like palpitations than muscular pain.  Would be good if your GP could see you for some blood checks too, including electrolytes.  She/he may decide to get you seen by your cardiologist since your last appointment was only with the technicians and you have lots of unanswered questions.

Sleep well and I wish you a better year ahead

Therese xx


by quikjraw - 2021-01-05 06:35:17

I couldn't get through to the GP yesterday but would you believe it the pain has not happened since yesterday so I'll keep a watching brief.

All the best John

Good news for the moment John

by Gemita - 2021-01-05 07:19:51

It is always the way when we decide to see a doctor the problem often goes away doesn't it, but do watch it carefully and report any worrying symptoms.

I am hopeful though that with time you will be in a much better place with both pacing and chest discomfort.  Stay safe John.  We are hoping to get our vaccines very soon!!

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