Heartbeats monitors

Hi I would like to know if the smart bands are reliable for HR monitoring while exercising or resting such as Samsung Fit and its equivalent 


My garmin watch with chest band was able to clearly identify my Bradycardia

by quikjraw - 2020-12-01 09:06:42

My only experience is with using my watch and chest band to check my heart rate during rest and during exercise.

I do not know how reliable the wrist mounted HR are but the chest mounted band is extremely reliable at monitoring heart rate.

My chest band helped me identify that my resting heart rate had dropped to less than 40 which for me was very low.

Hope that helps?

What would specifically like to monitor?

Have a look at the WHICH link below Omar for some ideas and other info

by Gemita - 2020-12-01 09:20:49


I use a good quality blood pressure monitor at rest to check my rate sometimes but usually use fingers on neck pulse and count manually at any time.  I can usually tell when my heart rate is high though from experience and symptoms alone, and when I am in a regular or irregular rhythm.  You will soon be able to know what your heart rate is doing with a little more experience.

Most monitors do a fair job to get us started, but which one for accuracy is the question?  


by Tracey_E - 2020-12-01 10:17:33

Some people have great luck finding an accurate monitor but most of us find they are hit or miss. I have an apple watch which is mostly accurate, better than anything else I've tried since I've been paced. 

Try not to get in the habit of checking your rate all the time. All the little ups and downs will make you crazy. If you feel bad, count manually. If you are exercising and feel good, assume your rate is good, whatever it is. 

HR monitors using a chest strap

by Grateful Heart - 2020-12-03 15:24:11

I use a Polar chest strap HR monitor and find it very reliable for me.  The wrist monitors are not accurate for me.  You can use the Polar or Garmin wrist monitors along with their own brands chest strap and the chest strap will take over the monitoring.  

During an exercise class my Polar device registered 224 bpm and the next time I had a defib check at the doctor's office, it showed the same reading on the same date and time.  Good luck.

Grateful Heart

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