New CRT-P on Tuesday 11/17/2020

Hello everyone.... I have not been on here for a very long time becuz I was so well......In 2009 I had a fainting spell and landed in the hospital where the next couple of days it was decided that I would have a Pacemaker ADAPTA DR 2wire for comlplete heart block... so for 11 years my PM lasted without any problems...well back in June 2020 I felt things were not going so I was having SOB hence the EKG and the Echo which showed that I was in Heart Failure... I was shocked and had a hard time with it it seems that my left side of my heart was not keeping up with the other and it was decided to add a wire so the CRT-P was installed.....from Tuesday till today it has been a roller coaster ride.....I think things are settling down now  for I feel much better and on the mend..... tomorrow I have a follow up and will no more I guess.... the only thing now is my arm and where the Doctor used the same place that he put the other one in...only a bigger and my arm is very sore.... can't use it and have to help with lots of things..... but I am better and look forward to a positive future with my new buddy....:)   I post this becuz I wanted to see if others have this CRT-P and how they are doing with let me know how you all are doing.....Take care and be safe.......


Arm still sore?

by AgentX86 - 2020-11-23 22:59:25

Do you have full motion in your shoulder?  You shouldn't have any significant  pain after six months.

I have a CRT-P but it's the only PM I've had.  I'm doing fine with it. In fact I  feel better than I can remember.  It's right under the surface so looks large and the leads are clearly visible but I have no problems with it and no pain (other than making the pocket, never anything significant).  I've had it since Feb 2018.


by Aberdeen - 2020-11-24 09:33:58

Breeze, I had to have a CRT pacemaker for exactly the same reason as you. Your arm should not be painful . I would have it investigated. I had a dual lead pacemaker in January 20 replaced by a CRT-P in May. I am feeling well now and once your painful arm is better you will too.


by breeze - 2020-11-24 23:55:30

got checked today  a week from the surgery.....everything if fine

my arm and the insertion area is fine too.....and all is healing fine..the area in my arm and insertion is starting to itch now....a good sign.....I still have to be careful and keep my

arm down and not over my head.....

other than that things are coming together for me

Thank you for your comments I appreciate them 

and look forward to more conversations as we go along here

Happy Thanksgiving!

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