Hey everybody, 
I'm back again. I'm scheduled to get my dual-chamber pacemaker replaced with a CRT-P and I'm really starting to feel scared. I have AV block, sick sinus, bradycardia (I've seen all of these at one time or another on my chart) and Grade II diastolic dysfunction. My SOB continues to be quite significant,even just sitting I'll feel short of breath. I know I need to lose weight and have lost about 8 pounds since September but still have a ways to go. I guess what I'm most concerned about is that I keep seeing "Life Expectancy" after getting the CRT-P is like 4.62 to 5 years and that has me totally freaked out. I don't want to die at 68 or 69. :( 
My mind just keeps going to worst case scenario or what might go wrong.

Did any of you get put all the way out for the procedure? I don't want to be awake at all !!! When I had my first pacemaker implanted they had to go back in 8 days later to reposition one of tmyleads because it had been firing against a nerve. I was told afterwards by the Dr. that I went in to v-tach three times and each time they stopped and let my heart rest. The third time they pulled the lead completely out and waited 30 minutes before reattaching it. He also told me that apparently I'm sensitive (I think that was the term he used) because my arm was moving during the procedure when it should have just been resting on the table. 

I live alone and just feel really, Really scared... and alone. My son is taking me to the hospital a little over an hour away in Bremerton as that's where my cardiologist and my EP are. It's a same-day procedure meaning I'll go home the same day. What is the recovery like? I have my pacemaker on my right because I drive a lot and didn't want the seat belt pressing on it. But it's going to be tough not being able to lift my right arm or lift anything heavy. 

Anyway I just wanted to reach out hoping someone out there might be able to relate.  And, thanks for letting me whine. 

Take care.
Damie Rodriguez


CRT-P (cardiac resynchronization therapy)

by Gemita - 2020-11-12 04:40:53


Try not to read too much into all these statistics.  Remember we are all individual and will have our own very unique health conditions and requirements for healing.  The right treatment can make all the difference.  I hope CRT-P is the answer for you and you will benefit from this therapy.  It can take a little while to take affect and you might still need to watch your diet, exercise and adopt a healthier lifestyle but these measures can only bring you better health too.  

There are many members with CRT-P who are now doing well and fully recovered from their procedures.  I hope they will see your post and tell you of their experience.  

You need to speak to your doctors about the procedure itself and tell them about your fears.  Hopefully they can reassure you.  Because of your breathlessness they may want to adjust any sedation they give you to make sure you stay safe and peacefully unaware of your procedure.  Your anaesthetist will be fully in the picture.  I would also ask whether an overnight stay would be kinder on your body and more reassuring than discharging you the same day?  You would then have plenty of time to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have before you leave hospital.  Certainly if they give you a general anaesthetic you may want to stay the night to fully recover.

I send my warmest wishes for a safe procedure and a successful outcome


by AgentX86 - 2020-11-12 10:06:04

Forget these "studies". They include people who have one foot in the grave and the PM is the last life-saving attempt. Your PM will allow you to have a normal, better life (those with 4-5 years to live included) that they otherwise would. A pacemaker won't shorten your life at all. Just the opposite,  actually.

A the chamber CRT-P is rare. I think you mean 3-chamber - RA, RV, AND LV.

Same day procedure is normal. The recovery is usually uneventful. Everyone has a different level of pain, frome virtually none, to significant, usually on the mild side. It gets better fast, as long as you follow instructions religiously. Do not vary from your instructions even a little bit or you risk infection. Infections are deadly serious, so be careful.

Use your arm as normally as possible, within your instructions (keep your hand below your shoulder, no reaching behind your back,  no full arm extension). The idea is to keep full motion in your arm.



by Aberdeen - 2020-11-12 11:40:19

Damie, Gemita and Agent 86 have given you excellent advice. All I can say is that I had a dual chamber pacemaker replaced by a CRT pacemaker. January 2020 for dual chamber pm and May 20 for CRT pm.I actually found getting the CRT pm easier than the first pm. Both under local anaesthetic.

The life expectancy you quoted is from 2007 and things have improved since then. Agent 86 made a good comment about that.I am a similar age to you and I hope I have a long life!

Good luck and follow the care instructions- let us know how you get on!


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