Pain at pacemaker area

I had My PM implanted 2 weeks ago  (October 19th).  For the first time Today i have noticed pain at  the incision area but it doesn't feel like it's the incision.   It's a dull achy pain.  Could it be the Pacemaker itself that I am feeling?


It is still healing

by Gemita - 2020-11-02 20:57:53

Hi Nhamblin,

Yes this dull ache can be part of the normal healing process of your pacemaker bedding in.  I still get this occasionally after two + years.  Don't forget they may have irritated nerves/muscle tissue in the area and we can feel all sorts of strange sensations which should slowly resolve with time.  It is still early days for you.

Have you seen Trebla's original post on occasional soreness?  There is a lot of good information there about pacemaker discomfort.  The only point I would repeat is that if you start noticing any new swelling or redness, oozing or actual protrusion of the device from the wound area, please get it looked at immediately.  Infection is always possible and would need immediate treatment, otherwise be assured the discomfort you describe may be perfectly normal.  When in doubt though, or if it concerns you, speak to your doctors

Sore pm site

by Lizzie - 2020-11-02 23:36:13

Very common. Settling in, some muscle adhesians. Any weeping, increase in redness etc, get it checked as Gemita said. Good luck.

Sore PM site

by NCbeachyGal - 2020-11-05 19:53:20

I had my implant done about 10 days ago and had very little pain right away. However I now also have discomfort at the site as well as back pain on left side and pain under left arm. I guess that's probably normal but have others had this as well?

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