upper lead replacement

I have been told that my upper lead is not working and needs to be replaced.Anybody have any info on this type of procedure.I am 69 and nervious about the idea.


ask what the plan is

by Tracey_E - 2020-10-29 19:04:39

They have several options. The easiest is if there is room in the vein and the lower lead is still good, just add in a new one and cap off the old one. That's what I did. Same procedure as putting it in the first time. They can also extract what's there and start over or go to the other side. You want to know the plan before you have the surgery because the latter two options are  more complicated and you might want a specialist to do it. In my case, they were able to keep it working so we were able to wait until the battery died and did both at the same time. 

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