Aching arm and pins and needles

Is it normal to have an aching/tingly left arm, 3 weeks post box change? I don't remember this after the initial PM implant surgery (7 years ago). I have been getting pins and needles.

Thanks in advance.


Pins and needles

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-08 21:05:17

Sure, it's very common but there is more than one reason for such sensations.  Itching is also commmon and for the same reason.  During the surgery, nerves are cut.  Nerves are wired into the brain in different ways and exactly what's cut and how it's wired will determine the sensation.  This is quite similar to your arm "going to sleep" when you lie on it for some time.  Pressure is put on the nerves and they complain to the brain for a while. It takes a while for these nerves to stitch back together so it can last some time. 

There is another cause (other than pressure or being cut) that's similar.  Blood can be cut off from the area (while sleeping or otherwise).  The nerves are affected and the same thing happens.

While the first reason is far more common, if you're worried, talk to your medical personel (call your doctor's nurse).  You'll most likely get the same answer but they may want to see you.  There may even be a reason they'd suspect one answer over the other.

As always, when in doubt, ask!


Thank you

by bexkibb - 2020-10-09 03:34:50

Thank you AgentX86, that makes perfect sense and has put my mind at rest.

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