rotory cuff

has anyone else had a torn rotory cuff with putting in a pacemaker?


Rotator cuff injury ?

by Gemita - 2020-10-05 13:28:22

Hello Pattiii,

Have you been diagnosed with a rotator cuff injury following your pacemaker implant and are your doctors thinking your implant somehow caused this injury?  

I see that you suffered extensive bruising during your implant.  Bruising will cause a lot of discomfort as it slowly disperses.  And it can travel extensively down an entire limb before it finally disappears, so don't get alarmed if your bruising does this or turns deep shades of purple.  Mine did.

Shoulder pain, pacemaker side, seems to be very common following the procedure and my doctors told me this is often due to a condition known as "frozen shoulder" which can develop quickly if the arm/shoulder is not kept adequately moving during implant healing,  Have you been assessed for this condition ?  

Have they assessed you for any damage to your veins around the pacemaker as a cause for your shoulder pain and swelling?  One of the veins of the shoulder is known as the Axillary vein.  This vein drains into the Subclavian vein on its way to the heart.  My pacemaker leads caused trauma to these veins and this resulted in collateral circulation (additional veins) forming.  It took time for these to develop to keep my blood flowing.  Initially I suffered symptoms of deep aching pain along collarbone, into my left armpit and tip of left shoulder until my blood flow was adequately restored.   

Major vessels close to the heart travel through the shoulder and armpit.  It is a very complex area of nerves and blood vessels apparently, so it is no wonder we feel so sensitive when any trauma to this area occurs. 

It is still very early days since your implant procedure.  Perhaps it would be sensible to wait a little longer (up to 3 months?) before you intervene.  This will allow your body time to repair itself and as bruising disperses and healing begins you should start to have less pain.  I wish you well

Unclear question

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-05 21:28:03

Are you saying that you have a rotator cuff injury and a pacemaker or do you think the implant caused a rotator cuff injury?  If the latter, not possible. 

If you have a rotator cuff and are wondering if it can be fixed.  I don't see why not. 

If you're worried about having torn your leads loose by a motion that caused a rotator cuff injury, it's not likely unless you're doing something stupid in your first month.

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