Arm Pain

Hope this the right place for this. Had PM placed approx 2 weeks ago, initial diagnosis was heart block, have had afib for a few years with no symptoms, saw nurse and tech yesterday for the first time they both said everything was good, after i got home started have pain on the inside of my left bicep and forearm, and some on top of left shoulder, pain hard to explain, not in the muscle seems to be on the lining of the muscles, was hoping someone had experienced some thing similar, thanks


Left arm pain

by CyborgMike - 2020-10-01 03:30:41

Glockexe, welcome to the club!  some amount of pain in your left arm is normal, but I agree you should check with your doc, because the line between normal and not normal is different with each procedure. 
For me, my doc explained that he cut a major vein from my left arm to run the leads into the heart and he capped (sewed shut) the arm side of the vein. That is painful for about a month as the vascular system of the left arm has to figure out how to reroute the blood flow. For me, the lack of blood flow created a dull ache in the upper arm and shoulder for 4-6 weeks, unlike any other pain I'd experienced. I did (very) light arm exercises over the first two months to help get it back to normal. Good luck in your recovery. 


by Gotrhythm - 2020-10-01 15:05:26

A  pain in the arm in the same side as the pacemaker is fairly common. Given that you have just been to the doctor and been told everything is okay, the most likely reaon for the pain is that you have been holding your arm and shoulder too still. If you have been using a sling, get rid of it.

Muscles and joints have to be moved or they will become stiff and painful. Of course, while the incision is still healing, you don't want to do pick up heavy objects or do great big movements of your shoulder and arm. But it's important not to restrict alll movement.

Try some warm compresses to loosen the muscles and tendons, then follow with some slow gentle stretches. Stretch just a little more each day.

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