I am nine months post-op and still dealing with anxiety, not feeling well at times, etc. I now developed a new phobia and that is going to the cardiologist for follow-up for the PM I am seeing a counselor on a regular basis to try and help me get past this phobia which also includes taking some meds. Has anyone else gone through this?

Sharon B


Still am anxious

by gmnordy - 2008-03-06 02:03:14

I still have quite a bit of anxiety, and mine was implanted 2003. However, I also worry about my other issues, aneurysm and v-tach. I was put on anti anxiety meds and antidepressants, they dont really help much. I try to listen to relaxing music and not get too stressed.
Good luck to you. I know it is hard. Seeing a counselor is a good thing! I am thinking about it also.

You're Not Alone

by bjmcpherren - 2008-03-06 10:03:12

I have had a pacemaker for 30 years and have had very few problems. In August 2007 I had a lead replacement and I haven't been the same since. 6 months have passed and only about 2 months of that time I felt somewhat normal. I have never had anxiety until now and it's destroying the quality of my life. I actually haev an appointment tomorrow to try to get some meds to try to calm my nerves on the bad days and also I am looking into some meditation tapes. Best of luck to you.


by 220 chandler ave - 2008-03-06 11:03:27

To be more explicit, not going to the doctor and not taking meds.


Sharon B


by kaka - 2008-03-07 02:03:57

Hi, I didn't have any anxiety until 6 months post op( I am 7 months now) ...and then it hit me full force. I really had a hard time coping....The Dr prescribed Lexapro for me and it worked like a charm...I finally felt like me again and I also started Yoga, which is wonderful. The funny thing with Lexapro is you have wild colorful dreams....I can't wait to go to sleep at night....I feel like I am going to the movies.
Hang in Love


by Jules - 2008-03-10 02:03:48

Like yourself I am suffering at the moment from anxiety. Mine I am sure is making me very tired with no energy whatsoever.

I did make myself this morning get on my X-trainer and work out for 20 mins. I am going to make myself do something each day.

Do not want to take tablets - so hopefully this will be my saviour.

Take care



by Broken Hearted Jane - 2008-03-10 08:03:37

I'm right there with you. I have really been trying to get over my anxiety without the assistance of medication, but the constant fear is really putting my life on hold and I can't imagine tolerating it for much longer. I think I might just cave and resort to the meds.

Every day I try to do something different, in the world outside my house. I will go to the mall and walk around, ride the subway with no real destination, or just take a drive. Tomorrow I am going to the zoo. Doing this stuff has definitely helped, but the idea of doing more than what I have planned in advance is still overwelming.

I could definitely stand to get on a more normal sleep schedule and to exercise more. Any kind of reduction in stress is sure to help. Living a healthy lifestyle will help to ease some of your mental anguish. It's probably the best hope we have!

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