Need help with a fib.

Hi All,
Since a change of medication a few months ago I am generally doing well except... I have had two of the longest episodes of a Fib that I have ever had. The first lasted 15 hours and the one last night was 12 hours.

All night long my chest rocked around like it thought it was at a Saturday night dance. I finally converted back to normal rhythm about 11 this morning. What a relief!!!

My question is this. Does anyone have any special coping techniques they use when in a long stretch of a Fib? If you do I would really appreciate it if you could share them.

I am not big on drugs but I did take a 0.5 Lorazepam about 10 last night and another at about the same hour this morning. I don't think they are doing anything for the a Fib but maybe smoothing me out a little bit and allowing me to sleep. The trouble is when this is all over I am totally exhausted.

I am wondering if some sort of relaxation techniques or something else might help. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

After reading this I want to clear up one point. I have had a fib for about 15 years so this is not new. These are just two of the longest ones.

After about 4 years of being a member of the PM club I still enjoy this site and visit it daily before retiring in the evening.

Wishing you all well,


Help with Fib

by Maryanna - 2007-11-18 03:11:14

I too experienced Fibs that were frightening. I started on ToprolXL trying to find the best dosage. Started 50mg and am now up to 100mg twice a day. It works -- no more Fibs but that dosage is a bit fatiguing. The trade off is difficult, but I prefer feeling tired than to have those scary episodes. Hope this helps.

Some tips I have learned

by NH - 2007-11-18 11:11:13

I don't have long bouts with a fib, but I have them mostly at night. They wake me up from sleep. What I do is try to hold my breath for about 30 seconds and then exhale. Then I take a deep breath and hold it again and then exhale. This seems to help break it up and make the heart go back to the correct rhythm. This is something simple I have found that helps me. Hope it helps, it can't hurt so try it.

Like you, I am exhausted after a bout, whether it is short or I have several during the night.

Take care,

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