Resume Biking

I'm post dual lead BostonScientific PM implantation device for 6 weeks now.  Been going well so far!  I'm very eager to start and try to reassemble my previous life to the PM. Cycling is very important, so I'm curious about how long it took others to resume this activity (mountain biker and road/gravel rider, serious about it but it's still all about the fun).  Some of the post-op directions/suggestions were no strenuous activity for 3-6 months. What have you been directed to do about a resumption of this type of activity?  Canoeing would be another...


strenuous activity

by Tracey_E - 2020-08-21 15:59:27

I was told I could do whatever I wanted after 6 weeks, the only exception listed on my paperwork was 3 months for a full golf swing but I don't play golf. It took about 3 months until I was back to my old routines, no longer feeling residual soreness and twinges, but I've never heard of no strenuous activity for as long as 3-6 months unless the underlying reason why you got the pacer is the reason. We heal from the pacer fully in 4-6 weeks. Ease back into whatever you were doing before, but unless your doctor specifically told you to wait longer, you can start doing what you want now. Biking and canoeing should be fine. Have fun!

Resume Biking.

by thejoe056 - 2020-08-29 16:19:30

I am sure everybody is different, but got back on my bike right away. Like a week! Been riding forever. Just had my left ventricle ablated two weeks ago and got back on after 8 days. 76 years old now. doing about 130 miles a week. It is anoying, the demise of performance. I ride on the road, and from 36 til 72 had a resting rate of 40/45 when I got my PM. Raced for years, not senior olympics, USA Cycling. Last Texas State championship 2009 65 age group the last of five. So guess you get the picture. Good luck with your riding. Joe,     

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