High Blood Pressure

I am new to this group and I appreciate the information and advice.
Had my PM for a month. Is anyone's blood pressure higher than usual? 


Blood pressure and pacing

by Selwyn - 2020-08-07 12:18:19

BP= CO  X PR ( where BP is blood pressure, CO is cardiac output, and PR is peripheral resistance). Now, CO = HR X. SV where HR is heart rate, SV is stroke volume of the heart as a pump. 

Therefore, you can see that if the heart rate is raised the blood pressure is raised ( all the other things being constant). This has implications if your PM was fitted for a slow heart rate. 

If you are anxious, the extra adrenaline and neural drive to the heart will increase the heart rate - therefore by the above reasoning , cardiac output is increaesed, and if all other constants are the same, the blood pressure will increase. 

Your blood pressure should be checked until your pacing is stable and then periodically according to age and health. 

High Blood Pressure

by Patsyd - 2020-08-07 14:46:51

Thank You

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