Hi everyone 

I have recently had a box change and after 23years of pacing the hospital has given me a monitor, I am happy about this as recently one of my leads had to be turned off, apparently I don't need a atrium lead but I am feeling a bit anxious about one lead. 

Anyway for anyone who has a monitor I am told a reading will be transmitted at night while I sleep. For those of you that stay away from home a lot for work or plesure what do you do, leave it at home or take it with you.

Thank you 






by Aztraildude - 2020-07-31 09:49:42

I was told that if I am gone for more than a couple of weeks I should take it with me, but leave it at home the rest of the time. I'm guessing the pacer stores data and dumps it at night. Ny pacer is for AV Block, so it may be less critical, however.

leave it

by Tracey_E - 2020-07-31 10:04:48

I was told anything under a month away, don't worry about it, but ask your doctor to be sure.

It depends a little how stable your condition is.

by crustyg - 2020-07-31 12:52:08

Your local EP team (where the remote downloads are scrutinised) tend to get a feel for whose reports need to be checked very frequently (in addition to any instructions from the EP docs).  Others, it's not a great issue if we don't send anything for a month.

The BostonSci remote monitor is huge and has an old-fashioned mains-frequency transformer (so it's heavy) - I left it at home this time, hand-luggage only.  Last time I chatted to the EP team they commented that they thought I was away (I turned the unit off, and this is noticed quite quickly).  They and I were relaxed about this.  Other vendor kit may be much smaller and lighter. But at least I have both cellphone (global pre-paid) and Ethernet connections - some don't.

For many other patients with more complex conditions, a slightly more rigorous approach might be wise.  During a recent call I was on, one UK region admitted that they had been slow to adopt remote monitoring, but were catching up.  I suspect they will be much more anxious for a while until they get used to the idea that some folk's PM don't have very reliable uploads.

So I think it's up to you Maureen.  If you're anxious, make the effort to take it with you, otherwise save the weight and time.  Even for a month.


by AgentX86 - 2020-07-31 14:01:41

This is one you'll have to ask your cardiologist/EP. We can't know what your medical situation is and how closely your doctor wants to follow you.  Some are monitored automatically every night while others aren't monitored at all and have to initate a transmission, often only a few times a year or when they feel something's not right.  The variation is too wide to tell you anything, other than "ask".  I doubt that you'll be told to lug it around the world but it is a possibility.

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