Why Am I Nauseas

I am concerned that I am again getting some old symptoms back again.  
Last August I had my 18 month old pacemaker replaced with a CRT-P, which was a big improvement for me.  I was scheduled for 6 month checkup this past April - I had been looking forward to it to find out what EF was at, and I had started getting that nauseas feeling again and wanted to ask about that.  Unfortunately appointment was cancelled because of Co-vid, but I was able to get my echo done locally which showed big EF improvement.  That was great news, but the nausea and dry cough have been an issue, spoiling many days.  Can only have GP appointments on phone which means of course you forget half the things that you wanted to talk about.  We played with meds a bit but I am back to EP prescriptions.  My cancelled April appointment has been rescheduled for middle of October, which feels a long way off right now.

They did an online interrogation in April and said Pacer of course was working fine.  I do not feel as well as I did after getting CRT.  Feeling nauseas almost daily, legs getting heavy on hills and stairs again, spending more time on couch, and according to my husband getting pretty cranky 🤭.

My question is - bet you thought there was none - why would I be feeling nauseas?  No burning in throat or chest, stomach fine, more like motion sickness - except I just have dry heaves.  I know I felt this before 1st Pacer, and then again when that one wasn't doing its job.
 Sorry for rambling, anybody else get this?



Nausea can be a symptom of lack of blood supply

by crustyg - 2020-07-29 19:14:53

Sounds to me as though the cardiac support element of your new PM (CRT-P) isn't adequately providing the increased HR that you sometimes need compared to your old PM box.

I'm a keen athlete: when I start to exert myself after a rest period where my HR has dropped close to my lower limit, I know that a) my exerting muscles will feel like jelly, b) I will feel quite sick, until my PM catches up, drives my HR to something sensible for my cardiac needs and after a short while - usually 15-20s - I will feel ok.

There's another post recently where the contributor has had a box (PM) change, and the new box doesn't have the same lower rate limit - and the result feels terrible.  Why on earth anyone (EP doc or EP tech) would think this doesn't matter is beyond my comprehension - but when was the last time you or I saw an EP doc/tech who actually had a PM and knew fom first-hand experience that these little parameters matter like hell.

My advice (FWIW): don't waste time - get straight back to your EP doc/tech and ask if they've set your new PM to the same basic *limit* params as your old box.  If not, (maximum charm) ask them to put your new box back to what you're used to.



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