anxiety with pacemaker

Hi, im new to forum. I had a pacemaker installed at the age of 53 because i had heart block because of my years of sleep apnea. About six months ago i had what i can describe as a panic attack. I never had this issue before but are there others out there who experienced the same. Im taking 10mg of lexapro to deal with it. My anxiety is i think my heart going to go into afib because thats how they first detected it. Im also on metropopol and flaccidine. I hate to be on drugs but im dealing with it. I can also feel my heart palpitate here and there. Is that normal. Would love some input. Nick   


Similar Story here!

by arentas80 - 2020-07-28 23:22:34

Hi there!

Like you I got a PM for heart block but I also had Bradycardia and pausing. I was only 39. Like you I take Lexapro but only 5mg. Like you I've had a few panic attacks. It's all part of the process. I'm trying to get off the Lex but I'm taking it slow. This was and is a life changing event. Take your time, seek therapy, talk to people, read, find a good hobby, practice gratitude, and most of all ACCEPT what has happened. The past is the the past. Yesterday is gone. Now it's what you make of today and moving forward. Best of luck! If you need to vent we're all here to listen. God bless you! 

Perfectly normal

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-28 23:56:46

If you had Afib before your PM implant, you still have it now.  A pacemaker does next nothing for Afib.  On the other hand, it will allow your doctors to prescribe more of the antiarrhythmic and rate control drugs than were possible before.  These drugs slow the heart and if your heart is slow already, they can be dangerous.  Your pacemaker will keep your heart rate up so the drugs don't have that adverse effect. 

As we say here, a pacemaker is only the gas petal.  It's not the brake, and can't be.  It can only make your heart go faster.

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