Going on 3rd week and somewhat slower than expected . Bruising was extensive and slow to heal. Am wondering how long before strips begin to fall off. Mine don't seem to want to. Been following the rule faithfully .7-8 showers in full mode. Nurse ws going to send something to get them started. Anyone use something . Thanks


Steri strips

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-25 21:40:31

I'd thing they should be falling off by three weeks.  Your wound should be well closed by now (assuming you don't have a healing problem).

Mine weren't completely off for my wound check at two weeks so the nurse pulled the rest off.  It sounds like that's what the nurse wants you to do (not yaning them off but using something soften them up).


steri strips

by Gemita - 2020-07-26 08:53:20

Hello Vandyike,

What to do about our steri strips that won’t come away?  My husband decided to rip his off and ended up pulling a stitch too and opening up his wound, requiring another stitch and another steri strip, so please be patient.

Steri strips can get rather dirty after several weeks and itchy too which is probably why most of us want to remove them, especially when we are being told to keep the area clean.   I was told once my wound had healed and closed, to hold a warm wet swab over the steri strip for up to 10 mins to help soften it before gently pulling it off.  It will soften with time during our normal daily showers as well but I think the concensus of opinion is really to leave well alone usually until they peel off easily but alas some of us cannot wait patiently for this to happen.

I hope otherwise your recovery is progressing well.  I also had extensive bruising which took a long long time to drain 


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