Hello,  question:  just had pacer checkup and for 2nd whole pacing for rate drop response.  So does this mean I am cured?  I still get occasional small episodes when blood pressure drops, they last for one minute.  Pacer has about 3 years of battery left, so if I stay the same with no pacing, I don't have to get another pacemaker?   Thanks for any info!


no pacing vs <1%

by Tracey_E - 2020-07-22 09:39:38

Did it actually say it didn't pace at all or did it show <1% or something like that. If you only pace a few beats at a time, statistically that will show up as 0. That's a discussion to have with your doctor, but if you aren't using it at all there's no reason to replace it. However, you want to be really sure it's not kicking in here and there and doing more than you think. 

No Pacing

by Swangirl - 2020-07-22 13:25:54

My EP said my pacemaker wouldn't register a zero.  The lowest it would register is <1% and he concluded it wasn't pacing at all.  From my experience it's very difficult and maybe impossible to get a surgeon to remove a pacemaker without a replacement.  I think it's their liability at stake.  If you needed a pacemaker originally the belief is you are at risk and doctors are often not willing to take that risk.  I had two pacemakers that didn't pace, then ten years without a pacemaker and now a new one that is pacing 90%.  

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