Problems with pacemaker

Hi All had mine fitted 9 weeks ago during worst of Covid.  Was done within a week of being told I needed it without any prior discussion.  Worst experience of my life as surgery was both brutal and barbaric.  Went home same day only to be on way back in two hours with chest pain and difficulty breathing.  Back to theatre as vent lead had moved and punctured wall of heart.  Pain was worse than b4 (sedation didn't work either ) pain was worse than day before as I was already so bruised and swollen   Next thing was told I had pneumonia and then went into AF.  The pacemaker is so high up that it catches on my bones when I move arm forward or turn over in bed.  Told it will take 6 months to migrate.  Now find myself on meds for AF and blood thinners and being told that I should ease back on my lifestyle.   Don't really want to be in this club!!  Are my experiences normal or have I just been unlucky? 



by AgentX86 - 2020-07-04 12:11:59

Not at all, if everything you say is as it is (not saying you're lying but people have diffrent reactions to such things).  If it was "brutal and barbaric", then you should fire your doctors immediately and take your business (that's what it is) elsewhere.  All surgery is "brutal and barbaric" at some level.  It sounds like you were awake and lucid (no twilight anesthetic) during the surgery.  That's not ubiquitous but it isn't rare.  I had no sedative at all, only (two) locals.  There was some (OK, a lot of" pain as they made the pocket but other than that it went fine. 

As far as the placement, it should be a couple of inches below the clavicle.  If it rides up on the clavicle, it isn't right.  Pacemakers are sutured in place to keep them from moving around.  I doubt it's going to move to a better place.  I think you're getting a facefull of smoke.

The AF might go away but maybe not.


by TrevorW - 2020-07-06 07:03:50

Hi All,

I'm new here but I have been looking at this forum since I got my PM on May 27th.

I couldn't help but be struck by your bad experience. My installation was literally a breeze. The most unpleasant part of the whole episode was cleaning my nasal passages before the procedure - apparently a COVID-19 precaution. I had a light sedative and local anaesthetic, and felt nothing. The site was sore for a few days, and for a few weeks the area got a bit sore if I exercised that arm. The PM is, as noted above, a couple of inches from the collar bone.


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