Following on from atrium lead

Has anyone else had there atrium lead turned off and only paced in the ventricule 

May I ask how they felt afterwards did they have any adverse symptoms. 

My PM was put in for low heart rate 23 years ago and top lead has given up the gost.

Would like to hear from you if this has happened to u


Atrium lead

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-02 12:32:10

I haven't had my atial lead turned off. I don't have one,  just two ventricle leads. I've been paced VVIRD (ventricle paced, ventricle sensed, inhibit only, rate response on, dual ventricle) and dependent for two an a half years and will be for life.  Is it optimum? No, but having a pacemaker isn't "optimum" either. We can get along just fine with a pacemaker and VVI pacing (certainly for the short term). Good is not the enemy of perfection.

Atrium lead

by Paintsmudge - 2020-08-08 10:37:32

Yes I have had One of my leads turned off. I also have very low pulse. It has lowered since they turn the one off, but I have been assured that in having one still working my heart won't stop and I should be just fine. I still feel OK and I'm taking this all in good stride. I'm sure that if we weren't going to be OK then the doctors would handle it differently. 

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